Electric Objects Wants Everyone to Display Digital Art

Electric Objects is a digital art platform that wants to put digital art on a wall in every home. The company’s first two initiatives include the development of the EO1 display and Art Club collections.


EO1 is an Internet-connected screen designed specifically for art. In addition to displaying high-resolution images and digitally created art, EO1 can play video and animations. Priced at $299, EO1 fits elegantly into any home.

The matte 1080p high-definition display features ultra-wide viewing angles and ambient light awareness.  It is not too bright and not too muted. The EO1 was designed to look more like a luminous oil painting than a glowing monitor.

Electric Objects Display
The EO1 display. Art by Folkert Gorter.

With the free iOS or Android app, you can use your smartphone to change the art on the wall. You can explore thousands of artwork shared by the Electric Objects community or browse the curated collection of original work in Electric Objects’ Art Club. Display any art in the app with the tap of a button.

Art Club

Art Club is a collection of hundreds of original works of art made exclusively for Electric Objects. Through the Art Club, Electric Objects supports artists interested in making work for display on the EO1.

In 2016, the Electric Objects Art Club Fund expects to spend $100,000 to commission new works of digital art. Artists are selected through periodic open calls for applications. Selected artists receive a commission of $500 and a free EO1.

Electric Objects Display
Display by Electric Objects. Art by Zolloc.

Electric Objects introduces new collections two or three times a week. They immediately invite EO1 owners to display the art in their homes.

Electric Objects has displayed the work of Art Club Artists at NADA Miami, the New Museum in New York City, and at the Electric Objects showroom in New York.

To learn about open calls, sign up for the Electric Objects artist newsletter.

Subscription Art Site Benefits Art Lovers and Artists

Thanks to the new art-sharing service GetArtUp, almost anyone who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area can afford to hang a different piece of locally made, contemporary original art on their wall each month. Procuring art through a monthly subscription service gives art lovers a lower-cost alternative to buying originals. It provides artists with a new way to get more exposure and income.

“Most people fail to realize what an impact their visual surroundings have on productivity or state of mind. Whether it’s a print, sculpture, or oil painting, art has the ability to magically transform a space,” says GetArtUp Founder, Tricia Rampe.

In GetArtUp’s online marketplace, users can browse a diverse gallery of art just as they would on a shopping site. The art can be searched by size, type, artist, and color. Users can also see the cost of monthly rental and the cost to buy it outright.

All subscription plans include insurance so the art is protected from general damage while in a client’s possession. Professional art handlers will deliver and install the art on location. The service also includes free advice from Getartup’s professional curators.

Getartup’s service is currently only available in the San Francisco Bay Area. The company plans to expand nationally over the next year.