Digital Book World Webcast to Discuss Multi-Platform Storytelling

DBWLogoWRITERS. Digital Book World is a year-round platform for consumer publishing professionals and their partners, including agents, booksellers, and technology vendors. Digital Book World offers a range of educational resources and networking opportunities — online and in person.

On Tuesday, August 13, Digital Book World is hosting a webcast entitled, “Think Outside the Book: Multi-Platform Storytelling and Digital Publishing.” Scheduled for 12 pm ET (9 am PT and 5 pm GMT), the webcast will explain why digital publishing is the perfect format for transmedia storytelling.

The content is designed to appeal to:

  • book publishers (large and small)
  • book app developers
  • authors
  • booksellers
  • artists
  • people who embrace technology
  • people who hate technology

Transmedia experts Connie Watts and Jen Olson will discuss how book enhancements such as video, music, narration, pop-ups, games, interactive maps, and 3D objects can be strategically used to give readers more context or provide multiple entry points into a story, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction. For examples, enhancements can be use to add more context around a fictional Elizabethan kingdom or liven up a golf book with local news clips from a golf tournament from the 1970s. 

Watts and Olson will explain how to use transmedia as a marketing tool, highlight strategies for collaborating with authors, and suggest techniques for connecting with children and other readers with short attention spans. They will point out that whether we like it not, digital book enhancements are here to stay.

Connie Watts and Jen Olson are the principals of WiredBallyWho, a transmedia publishing company that helps authors, business leaders, and non-profit organizations rethink their approach to traditional book publishing. They also work with artists, photographers, and musicians who want to share their talents through transmedia projects.

Tuition for the webcast is $27 for Digital Book World members and $45 for non-members.

An individual membership to DBW costs $99. Along with discounts on webcasts, online courses, and books, members get on-demand access to all webcast archives and featured audio and video and downloadable resources such an e-book formatting checklist and SEO best practices guide.

Future webcasts and courses include:

  • Webcast: Print to Digital, Digital First, Simultaneous First: What’s Your Strategy? (August 22)
  • 4-Week Course: Metadata Best Practices and Industry Certification (Begins August 19)
  • 4-Week Course: Metadata and the Future of Publishing (Begins September 16)


Webcast: Think Outside the Book: Multi-Platform Storytelling and Digital Publishing

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Bookbaby Offers Free Guide on Printed Book Design

CoverPrintedBookDesign101WRITERS. Before self-publishing a printed book, check out Bookbaby’s  free guide: “Printed Book Design 101: How to Turn Your Manuscript into a Retail-Ready Printed Book.”

Written by self-publishing expert Joel Friedlander, the guide emphasizes that even if you publish e-books, you may still need some physical copies of your book to sell at readings or other events to give to family, friends, or reviewers. Plus, many people still prefer reading books in printed form.

Even if you plan to outsource the cover design and interior page design, you must know how to instruct the designers and evaluate their work.

Professional-looking printed books are far more complex to prepare than e-books, says Friedlander.. Some details to consider when preparing a book for print are fonts, margins, design templates, and printer specifications.

In Printed Book Design 101, Friedlander walks you through the whole process. He explains how to:

  • Pick the perfect typeface
  • Use book-interior-design principles to enhance the readability of your book
  • Catch the reader’s eye with a well-designed cover

The guide lists common components of a printed book and suggests how to avoid some of the most common mistakes self-published authors typically make.

“It’s very important to make sure you book is put together properly,” writes Friedlander. “Influential people you may be relying on for your book’s success — such as bookstore buyers, reviewers, award committees, agents, and others — are going to notice whether your book conforms to the standard book–trade practices.”

Friedlander is the author of the “A Self-Publisher’s Companion — Expert Advice for Authors Who Want To Publish” and publishes a blog on on his own website

Bookbaby offers a wide range of editing, cover design, ebook conversion, book printing, distribution, and website services for self-published authors. The company’s P&E (printed and ebook) Package provide a $100 discount when you add an ebook to your order for printed books.


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Free Guide: Printed Book Design 101

Joel Friedlander: The Book Designer

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White Paper Explains Four Paths to Publishing

ASIFourPathsCoverWRITERS. In a white paper, Keith Ogorek of Author Solutions Inc. contends that four clear paths now exist for authors who want to get published. Thanks to advances such as desktop publishing, print-on-demand technology, and Internet distribution, authors can choose  from these four options:

  • Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Publishing
  • General Contractor
  • Publishing Package
  • Traditional (Legacy) Publishing

Choosing the path that’s right for you requires understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each approach.  

For example, Ogorek notes that authors who choose the low-cost DIY route should still expect to spend some money–either for design, editing, or publicity.

The General Contractor publishing path involves hiring and coordinating the work of specialists, such as editors, book designers, and publicists.

Publishing Packages offer a one-stop  source of help with design, conversion, distribution, and publicity. You will know from the start how much the services cost, and have a single number to call when you have questions or concerns.

Traditional Publishing requires you to find an agent to represent you and sacrifice some control over the finished product and how quickly it gets to market.

Even though these choices can be confusing, Ogorek still believes, “Now is the best time in history to be an author.” He reminds us that “Not that long ago, very few people could get published. Now, everyone can get published if they pursue on the the four paths.”

Of course, not every published author will succeed, but with these new publishing options, “Everybody has the opportunity to be successful.”

Self-Publishing Panel at Book Expo America 2013

At Book Expo America 2013 in New York, Keith Ogorek will be joining other publishing experts for a panel discussion entitled “Self Publishing: Disrupter or Defender of the Book Business?” The other panelists are: James McQuivey, author of “Digital Disruption”; Christopher Kenneally of the Copyright Clearance Center; and Angela James of Carina Press.

The group will discuss the disruptive effects that the growth of self-publishing will have on traditional industry players and some factors that drive established trade/literary authors to various start-up players in e-book publishing. The panel discussion is scheduled for 2 pm on Friday, May 31.

Book America Expo (BEA) is North America’s largest gathering of book trade professionals.It is organized with the support of the Association of American Publishers (AAP) and the American Booksellers Association (ABA). The 2013 event will take place May 30-June 1 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York.

About Author Solutions

Author Solutions is a member of the Penguin Group and a leader in indie book publishing. ASI’s self-publishing imprints (AuthorHouse, AuthorHouse UK, iUniverse, Palibrio, Trafford Publishing, and Xlibris) have helped more than 170,000 authors bring more than 200,000 new titles to market.


Book Expo America 2013

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White Paper: Four Paths to Publishing


Kawasaki Urges Writers to View Self-Publishing As Start-Up Business

KawasakiAPEWRITERS. This week, I listened to a free educational webinar on self-publishing hosted by Ed Gandia of the International Freelancers Academy. Entitled “APE: A Proven Roadmap for Self-Publishing,”  the webinar was presented by NY Times best-selling author and tech-industry guru Guy Kawasaki. It covered key points from the book Kawasaki co-authored with Shawn Welch: “APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur: How to Publish a Book.”

I tuned into this webinar because I had read (and admired!) two of Kawasaki’s previous books. In “The Art of Start,” Kawasaki explains how entrepreneurs plan, pitch, bootstrap and brand new businesses. In “Enchantment: The Art of Changing Minds, Hearts, and Actions,” he contends that in order to achieve a desired outcome, your likability and trustworthiness can be more effective than traditional persuasion or marketing techniques.

In the webinar, Guy explained why he chose to try self-publishing when he wrote about book about Google+ and what lessons he learned in the process.  Kawasaki discussed the pros and cons of self-publishing, some essential productivity tools, and ideas for efficiently “tapping the crowd” for help with developmental editing. He strongly recommended hiring a copy editor for the final manuscript and a professional cover designer.

I just downloaded the book to my Kindle this morning, but here are some key points that struck me during the webinar.

These guys have credibility! This webinar wasn’t produced by a publishing company that sells consulting, conversion, or publicity services to aspiring authors. Rather, it was a dialogue between two writers who have personally experienced the slow, bureaucratic pace of traditional publishing.

Thus, they seemed excited about being able to control their own publishing fates. Kawasaki pointed out that self-published authors maintain control of the content and look of the book and how it is marketed, receive a greater percentage of the revenues, and retain all rights. Plus, the time-to-market is much shorter.

A successful self-publisher must play three roles: Author/Publisher/Entrepreneur (APE). The book’s cover design suggests that APEs are about to wreak havoc on the New York publishing scene.

Self-publishing is like starting a new business. As Kawasaki writes, “Entrepreneurs must create a product, test it, raise money, recruit talent, and find customers at the same time.” In the webinar and book, he explains ways authors can test their work, raise money, hire talent, and start marketing their book soon after they commit to their idea.

Writers should not view self-publishing as a second-rate option. Kawasaki suggests using the term “artisanal publishing” as a way of taking more pride in the process. He likens it to producing small quantities of a high-quality craft beer or fine wine.  Like starting an independent restaurant or artisanal bakery, you have control over the quality of the finished product.

Focus on publishing a great book. Some marketing-focused webinars suggest self-publishing books primarily as way to attract new clients, increase speaking opportunities, and build your personal brand. Kawasaki urged webinar attendees to publish books for the right reasons:

  • to enrich people’s lives
  • to further a cause
  • to meet an intellectual challenge.

He said that if you focus first on producing an excellent book, the secondary benefits will follow.

Listen to the webinar in its entirety on the website of the International Freelancers Academy. If you are seeking some real-world, no-nonsense straight talk about self-publishing a book, I highly recommend it.


Webinar Recording: International Freelancers Academy Website: APE—A Proven Roadmap for Self-Publishing

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First Annual Self-Publishing Conference to Be Held at Writer’s Digest Conference East

WritersDigestConferenceOne way to learn what’s new in writing and publishing is to attend the Writer’s Digest Conference East 2013 at the Sheraton New York Hotel, from Friday, April 5 to Sunday, April 7.  Before the main conference opens at 4 pm on Friday, April 5, you can attend the first annual Self-Publishing Conference or a three-hour boot camp on writing 21st century fiction, writing a novel, or public speaking for writers.

Writer’s Digest Conference

Whether you want to learn more about the craft of writing or are seeking an agent or broader readership for your work, sessions at The Writer’s Conference can help you.

Expert speakers and panelists will explain how to:

  • Pitch your work to an agent
  • Write for big-name publications
  • Build an audience for your work
  • Create great characters
  • Write non-fiction book proposals
  • Create a career out of e-books
  • Use social media to sell books
  • Decide whether to self-publish or find a traditional publisher (or both)

In a session entitled, “The Future of the Writer,” you will get insights into some of the challenges and opportunities facing writers in the years to come. You’ll learn not only what to expect, but also how to prepare and succeed.

Self-Publishing Conference: April 5

During this event from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm, publishers, agents, editors, authors and marketing gurus will share their expertise through sessions entitled:

  • Freemiums, Crowdfunding, and Hybrids: The New Era of Self-Publishing
  • The Complete Package – Why Good Writing Is Only Half the Battle
  • The Agent/Self-Published Author Relationship
  • How Self Published Authors Found Success
  • Legal Issues for Self-Published Authors
  • You Wrote It – How Do You Sell It?
  • The Future of Self-Publishing

Public Speaking for Writers Boot Camp: April 5

This session (12:30 to 3:30 pm) is for authors (or soon-to-be-published authors) who want to generate more book sales from their readings. Former CNN anchor and Equity actor Porter Anderson will explain why strong, live readings can do more to convert fence-sitters into book-buyers than any other marketing tactic.

Whether you will be presenting your work in a bookstore, conference ballroom, campus lecture hall, book fair, or corporate auditorium, you’ll learn how to deliver your work with impact. From what to wear to the Q&A, you will learn how to take control of every appearance and come out with sales.

You will learn:

  • What an audience wants from an author at a reading – and how to give it to them.
  • How to choose what to read.
  • How to rehearse ahead of your reading.
  • How to prep your reading for your listeners.
  • How to present yourself to the audience.
  • How to actually deliver your work and follow it up.

Attendees should bring two pages of their own work to read (either from a work in progress or from published material). You will experience reading on your feet and get feedback from your peers and session leader Porter Anderson.

For more details on this boot camp, and the other two boot camps on April 5, see the Conference schedule.

Discounts are available to attendees who register by Friday, February 15.

Writer’s Digest Conference 2013

Self-Publishing Conference

Schedule: Writer’s Digest Conference


Digital Book World Conference Looks at Business Challenges to Traditional Publishing

WRITERS. As aspiring authors, we don’t always view the world through the publisher’s eyes. We tend to think the “traditional publishing” route will always be an option. In reality, five years from now, there might not be anything “traditional” about the publishing business. While digital publishing has enabled authors to create, publish, promote, and distribute their own work, the digital transformation of publishing is forcing publishing companies to re-examine every aspect of how they operate.

That why some of the world’s most influential publishing executives will gather for the Digital Book World Conference + Expo January 15 – 17, 2013, at the Hilton New York Hotel in New York City. Now in its fourth year, Digital Book World discusses some of the business challenges that trade publishers are facing during the transition from print to digital media.

“Unlike some of our competitors, this is not a conference about technology. It is about business,” says Digital Book World Conference Council Chair Mike Shatzkin of The Idea Logical. “Specifically, it is about the business that has operated for a century, in which book retailers curate, present, and deliver the publishers’ output to readers.”

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Operate a publishing business in a digital environment.
  • Market and distribute content to a reader who has migrated online to shop.
  • Acquire and develop new staff and new skills.
  • Implement and use new technologies specificially for digital publishers.
  • Help authors become more proficient in online brand-building.

Even before the publishing industry was buzzing over the surprise Penguin/Random House merger, Digital Book World had planned sessions about consolidation. For example, technology analyst Benedict Evans will discuss how strategies being used by Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft relate to publishing. Evans’ talk may help explain the Penguin/Random House merger because a frequently cited motivation for the merger was to gain greater strength to negotiate with Amazon and the other tech behemoths. On Wednesday, the chairman and CEO of F+W Media David Nussbaum will moderate a panel of CEOs who will share their view of the future.

Here are a few of the other sessions that will be presented:

  • Understanding and Managing Copyrights in the 21st Century
  • The Author’s View of the Industry
  • Straddling the Models: Authors Choosing to Both Self-Publish and Traditionally Publish
  • Best Practices of Author Training Today
  • New Business Model Experimentation
  • Libraries: More Important Than Ever for Book Discovery
  • The Changing Role of Editors
  • Developing an Agile Publishing Model
  • The Gamification of Children’s Books
  • New Tools and Technologies for Small- to Mid-Sized Publishers
  • E-Book Pricing
  • Publishing Meets Hollywood

The session on the changing role of editors will highlight some of the skills that editors will need beyond finding great books and signing and nurturing authors. Book editors now must know how to evaluate the author’s platform and figure out whether or not the author will be a good marketer. Editors also need to understand metadata and new ways that tags and links lead to discovery and marketing and what they and their authors can do to influence them. In the age of enhanced e-books, some editors may function more like movie or TV producers than editors.

In the session on author training, publishers will discuss how they train their authors to be more effective marketers.

During a case-study session, DBW Conference Chair Mike Shatzkin will interview self-published author Hugh Howey, whose best-selling “Wool” series started as a novella on the Kindle platform, grew incrementally to five novellas, and then was collected into a single file as a novel.

The conference is organized by F+W Media, Inc., which defines itself as “a community-focused, content creator and marketer of products and services for enthusiasts” who want to achieve success, profit from their passion, or find inspiration. In addition to publishing books and magazines (such as Writer’s Market and Writer’s Digest), F+W Media offers e-books, educational services, and instructional videos, organizes events, and conducts competitions.

Early discounted registration for Digital Book World Conference ends November 16. Group rates are available for companies that bring three or more people.


Digital Book World Conferenc & Expo

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Program: Digital Book World Conference

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E-Book Publisher Offers Manuscript-to-Marketing Package

Your Ebook Team LogoWRITERS. Your Ebook Team, a new partnership of highly experienced professionals, has created a fresh approach to book publishing that offers writers a “total package” from manuscript to marketing.

Combining decades of experience in editing, design, and marketing, Your Ebook Team supports authors in turning their manuscripts into high-quality books that reach their broadest target audience. The company takes a highly personalized approach in working with authors, and offers a package designed to take the mystery and frustration out of publishing a manuscript.

Your Ebook Team publisher Scott Gerber believes that “At this point in the industry, writers have few good choices. The conventional publishing houses are taking fewer and fewer books, and the writer who wants to self-publish is met with the daunting task of working with a confusing jumble of service providers, many of whom lack the skills and experience of Your Ebook Team.”

In addition to a collaborative, one-on-one relationship with every author, Your Ebook Team’s total package includes:

  • professional editing and proofreading
  • top-notch cover design and book layout
  • publication in both print and e-book formats
  • distribution through the major online retailers
  • social media marketing support that includes a web domain, blog, and Facebook page, and more.

“I have had a high-caliber experience every step of the way,” says Elaine Leeder, Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Professor of Sociology at Sonoma State University, who published her book “My Life with Lifers” with Your Ebook Team. “This is my fifth book, and this is the best publisher I have ever worked with.”

The total publishing package offered by Your Ebook Team also provides a unique revenue structure that offers authors the opportunity to earn back every dollar of their up-front fees through initial book sales.

“We know it’s sometimes hard for writers to take that first step in publishing their manuscripts, so we make it easier by arranging for them to keep all sales revenue until their initial investment is recouped,” says Gerber.

Wally Gordon, a magazine and newspaper writer for half a century and author of “A Reporter’s World,” praises the “conscientious and careful editing” his book received with Your Ebook Team’s chief editor, Marty Gerber.

“To collaborate with writers—to help them find their voice, hone their message, and tell their tale—is a challenge I love,” says Marty Gerber, who has worked for decades as a writer, editor, and publisher within a broad range of books, magazines, and major newspapers.

Sarah Lovett, writing coach and author of more than 30 novels and children’s books, calls Marty “a writer’s best friend —a wise, honest, and market-savvy editor.”

Books published by Your Ebook Team are available for sale on the company’s book marketing site in addition to Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Each book gets its own top-level web page, which includes an author blog and bio, a description and preview of the book, reviews, YouTube video, and links to buy the book.


Your Ebook Team