ImageBrief Connects Photographers to Image Buyers

Here’s an innovative approach to buying and selling photography that serves the needs of both designers and photographers.

ImageBrief  is an online marketplace that connects image buyers with a global network of professional photographers. Based in Australia, the company is launching in the U.S. as a sponsor of the New York Photo Festival from May 16 to 20 in New York City.

Designed to transform how images are found and licensed online, ImageBrief makes finding the right shot far easier and gives buyers greater budget control. Instead of searching through page after page of stock photos and trying to refine search criteria to find the right shot, a buyer simply submits a brief outlining their needs, budget, and timeframe, then waits for relevant shots to be submitted from photographers.

In the brief, buyers can describe in detail the type of image they are seeking (e.g., mood and style, ethnicity and age of subjects, and room for text). Buyers can also specify the types of images they don’t want to see, and whether a vertical, horizontal, black-and-white, or color shot is needed.

“Our advertising agency and publishing customers love the ease of licensing images via ImageBrief,” says ImageBrief CEO Simon Moss. He says that less than a month after ImageBrief was introduced in London, many creatives started embracing the new alternative to traditional stock libraries: “They’re finding fresh, unique shots that haven’t been seen before. And because they can define their budget and usage terms up-front, they are in complete control of the process.”

So far, ImageBrief has built a global network of more than 2600 photographers from 102 countries. To ensure that exceptional content will be made available to buyers, ImageBrief evaluates and accepts photographers on the strength of their portfolios.


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