Idomoo Streamlines Creation of Personalized Marketing Videos

Idomoo, a leading provider of Personalized Videos, has launched its Dynamic Storybuilding Suite as part of the Idomoo Personalized Video (PV) Cloud Platform. This will allow agencies and marketing teams to easily create personalized videos on their own. The new solution bundles all of the steps in the process (creative, design, animation, rendering, and distribution) into an easy-to-use system for automating and streamlining the personalized video creation process.

“Personalized video has been proven to significantly increase customer engagement and conversion results across many industries and we are now bringing this capability to every business,” said Yaron Kalish, Co-Founder and CEO of Idomoo. “We are using our vast industry knowledge to automate the personalized video creation process, allowing marketers to reap the benefits of this technology while eliminating the numerous pain points involved in the process.”

More than 50 creative agencies used the beta version of Dynamic Storybuilding Suite to independently build thousands of personalized videos that can deliver exceptional customer experiences to their clients. Among the agencies already working with the Idomoo Cloud platform are Ogilvy, RAAP, Switch Video, DDB and Pink Banana, who have created videos for brands such as T-Mobile, Cadbury, BBVA, Hubspot, Coca-Cola and more.

“Idomoo’s platform has enabled our agency to provide our clients with the ability to communicate with their customers and user base in a manner which allows them to foster a deeper personal and emotional connection,” said Russell Garn, Associate Creative Director of RAPP (an Omnicom company). “Our agency worked with Idomoo to create the award winning campaign for Barclays and we look forward to leveraging Idomoo’s technology in order to build future campaigns.”

The Storybuilding Suite allows businesses of all kinds to change the way they interact with their customers through its ability to tell adaptive stories, applying business logic to decide which scenes will be shown and in which order. Idomoo’s Storybuilding Suite features an advanced Web-based wizard tool to build and customize the video as well as choose ready-made video scenes that are ready to be plugged in to the video flow; an After Effect plugin to build additional scenes; Data Integration allowing for data upload from any data source; the Idomoo Player for optimized experience from mobile and desktop; and a Landing Page Builder that offers easy configuration of the destination landing page.

The Dynamic Storybuilding Suite is part of Idomoo’s next generation Video Cloud Platform, which also includes Idomoo’s Full Service personalized video offering and Dynamic Video Ads, as well as Video Templates.

Tips, tricks and documentation for using Idomoo’s PV Cloud are included in Idomoo Academy, an online knowledge repository.



Dynamic Storybuilding Suite

McElroy Films Uses GoPro Camera for Corporate Videos

It’s always fun to see how creative professionals are integrating new technologies into their work in some unexpected ways. This story is a good example.

GoPro_HD_Hero_The GoPro Camera is a small, durable camera that was originally designed to capture a first-person perspective of extreme sports athletes in action. Now it is emerging as a staple in mainstream video productions — including the extremely competitive sport of business.

The Boston based video production company McElroy Films recently started making the GoPro available for use in corporate video productions. They believe the GoPro will open new possibilities for corporate clients who want to create distinctive, high-impact video while reducing the size and costs of on-site production crews.

McElroy Films LLC is an award-winning producer of high definition video for corporate, educational, non- profit, wedding, music video, and independent film use. Serving clients throughout New England area, their goal is to keep high definition video affordable without sacrificing quality. McElroy Films strives to push the creative envelope for corporate and wedding videos while maintaining traditional production  values.

According to McElroy executive producer and videographer Evan Perry, the small size and functionality of the GoPro camera is ideal for small and large productions because it limits the amount of equipment and manpower needed on the set.

“While the GoPro will never replace professional videography in the field, it does provide a quality, innovative addition to a video that can allow unparalleled access into previously un-filmable and expensive details of a wedding or corporate project.” said Perry.

Ben McElroy, founder of McElroy Films  adds that, “The camera works really well during corporate shoots, because it captures high-quality images from an array of perspectives, without a videographer or rig obstructing the integrity of a meeting, presentation, or conference.”

Capturing footage with or without a camera operator in unconventional settings and rigging positions enables viewers to experience a product or setting up close and personally. The first person “GoPro” perspective can take the viewer on a remarkable and intimate exploration of a product or service.

McElroy clients can use the camera as a web camera for meetings with clients in remote locations. Clients can participate in the filming by wearing, holding, or mounting the camera, depending on the footage or mood they hope to capture.

McElroy Films premiered the GoPro at their open house in October. The footage captured on the GoPro was edited together with footage captured on the Cannon C300 to create a unique highlight video souvenir for their guests.


McElroy Films

GoPro Cameras