Online Fashion House Creates Wearable Art from Crowdsourced Designs

vividlylogoDESIGNERS. ARTISTS. Vividly is a new online fashion house for visual artists who want to turn their artwork into wearable art. To develop a fashion brand like no other, the Vividly platform enables artists, fashion designers and customers to collaborate on making visually striking apparel.

The Miami-based start-up was founded by sister entrepreneurs Silvia and Sabrina Scandar. Their business model combines the power of social networks with advances in digital fabric printing and manufacturing. The Scandars initially launched a crowdsourced fashion project called Sew Love after completing a successful Kickstarter campaign and winning a place in NewMe’s 2013 Accelerator class. The Scandars revamped their business model after recognizing some of the branding and production hurdles that faced the crowdsourced fashion design business.


“We wanted to remain true to our original vision of fostering creativity and personal empowerment in the fashion space, but needed to maintain a strong brand identity and a streamlined low overhead,” says Sabrina Scandar, cofounder of Vividly. “That’s when we realized digital fabric printing was the answer. Its versatility creates the opportunity to translate crowdsourced visual art and textile design into high-quality clothing that people would want to wear. That’s how Vividly was born.”

PerezTopArtists upload computer-generated designs or high-resolution photos of original art and Vividly applies that work to high-quality clothing and accessories. Every piece is made in the USA, using comfortable and stylish textiles such as silk and bamboo.

Depending on how the garment is sewn, the item might not display an exact reproduction of your artwork. That’s because your art will be printed on fabric, which will then be converted into the final piece of clothing. According to the company, “We sometimes alter the artwork slightly to allow for repeating patterns, better color representation, or optimal placement and sizing on the finished items. If you have in mind a specific way you would like the artwork to be presented (zoom level, graphic placement, etc), just let us know and we’ll do our best to make the item just as you envision it.”

If you can gather 10 pre-orders for an item, Vividly will manufacture it and ship it to the customers. As an artist, you will make at least 5 percent of the revenue for every piece sold; featured artists make 10 percent. Your name and photo are featured on the hangtag accompanying the item, and you get a site profile that includes your bio, photos of your art, and links to your website(s).

Vividlyfounders“Vividly provides artists with a new way to share their art, and consumers with the chance to wear and share art they love,” says Silvia Scandar, Vividly co-founder. “We want to transform beautiful fabrics, designed by artists, into wearable art. Whether that’s a scarf, shirt, skirt or dress, we are creating consistently simple silhouettes with vibrant prints and unique stories behind each piece.”

Vividly currently features one-of-a-kind fabric printed designs from 10 South Florida artists as well as work from artists around the country that can be applied to two different wearable pieces: a scarf and a top. Other items, including a printed skirt, clutch, and silk bomber jacket are coming soon. Prices range from $78 to $198.