Personalize iPad Cases with Your Art, Designs, or Photos

The “Design Your Own” Powis iCase™ cover is a folio-style iPad case that can be personalized with customer-supplied photographs and artwork. The Powis iCase is manufactured in Berkeley, California by Powis, a 28-year veteran in the bookbindery business.

You can use the “Design Your Own” Powis iCase service to offer your own customers something new and different, or to create a personalized, studio-branded cover for your art, photography, or design portolio. Powis iCases can also be popular corporate gifts, with the option for companies to include their logos on the front cover or spine.

“My vision for our iPad case was always to offer the ability for customers to make their own case, using a special photo of a pet, family member, or favorite travel destination, or their own design,” said Kevin Parker, CEO of Powis Parker. “The iPad is a very personal device, and now the Powis iCase offers very personal covers.”

“I got my iPad last Christmas and researched like a madwoman trying to find the perfect combination of a case, cover, and stand,” says Shannon Vaughn, a Powis iCase customer. “I have since recommended the Powis iCase to quite a few people – some friends, as well as some random people at the airport who commented on my case,”

After uploading your favorite photo, artwork or graphics, the images can be faithfully reproduced on durable and easy-to-clean cloth. Or, you can choose from one of 70 handcrafted leathers or patterns. The Powis iCase can be further personalized with a name, inscription, favorite quote, or personal message on the inside cover.

In addition to personalization, the case offers protection and ergonomic functionality.

The built-in adjustable stand has more than nine viewing positions, so the iPad can be used for everything from typing while sitting on a park bench to watching an in-flight movie.

Other features include camera cutouts so photos can be taken without removing the iPad 2 from the case and a magnetic on/off switch. The case also includes a hidden wipe cloth, business card holder and hand strap.

All cases are constructed with 100% recycled board, and its handcrafted leather is 100% recycled cowhide fibers. Powis iCases are available for the iPad and iPad 2 for $79.95.


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