What Authors Should Know About Changes in Book Publishing

WRITERS. When leaders in the book publishing business gather at the DIgital Book World Conference + Expo (DBW) March 6-7, many of the topics they discuss will affect how publishers work with authors.

For a preview of trends that are re-shaping the book publishing industry, download the free white paper “Viewpoints on Publishing’s Digital Transformation.”  Contributors to the white paper include speakers from Digital Book World.

Digital Book World white paper

The white paper covers topics such as:

  • how Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google are affecting the publishing business:
  • what publishers need to know about copyright;
  • changes to global copyright law;
  • the state and future of audiobooks;
  • the elasticity of e-book pricing;
  • personalized content and other new revenue streams.

The Destructive Impact of Digital Monopoly Platforms

In the opening chapter of the white paper “Sleeping Through the Revolution,” Jonathan Taplin, of the Annenberg School for Communications at the University of Southern California, says scientists who helped create the Internet in the 1960s had a utopian vision of decentralizing power and harmonizing people: “For creative artists, the prospects of a democratized distribution network indeed seemed to generate endless possibilities.”

But the reality of the Internet shifted as Google, Amazon, and Facebook began using deep customer surveillance to sell advertising and products.

Taplin writes that “For artists, the dreams of digital democracy have turned into nightmares: the music, movie, book, and journalism businesses have been decimated by the rise of digital monopoly platforms. A massive reallocation of revenue, on the order of $50 billion a year, has taken place, with economic value moving from creators and owners of content to monopoly platforms.”

Taplin notes that, “In Amazon’s view, as long as the customer gets lower prices, society should not care that writers cannot make a living, that independent book stores go out of business, and publishers die.”

About The Digital Book World Conference

The Digital Book World Conference is dedicated to the business of digital publishing. DBW focuses on digital content and digital book strategies, as well as the challenges and opportunities facing publishers and content providers of all sizes and business models.

The event is organized by the F+W Content + eCommerce Company in partnership with Publishers Launch Conference.

Although e-book sales seem to be at a plateau for big books and big publishers, the event organizers emphasize “That doesn’t mean that digital change has stopped.”

For example, publishers and authors must become more skilled at online marketing because consumers typically use online channels to learn about what books they want to read next.

The relationship between publishers and authors is also changing.

“On the one hand, authors are a more important component of a book’s marketing than they ever were before,” explains Mike Shatzkin, chair of the Digital Book World Conference. “At the same time, authors have more choices of ways to reach readers than they had in the past.”


New Art E-Book Uses InnovativeTechnology to Show Full-Resolution Images

A new type of art e-book by Israeli photographer Angelika Sher can be downloaded free from Apple’s app store. Because innovative hipix® technology was used to create the ebook, iPad users can view and navigate the 65 images in the book at the highest possible resolution.


Developed by Pervasent Consulting, the photo art book includes two gigapixels of full-resolution images. Single images that exceed 100 megapixels are displayed in fraction of a second.

Created by Human Monitoring Ltd., hipix® is a compression and rich image format technology that uses ubiquitous video support to create and display still images. It alleviates some of the challenges associated with publishing image-rich content in a compact app.

By compressing files far more effectively than prevailing technology, hipix keeps app sizes reasonable while enabling highly responsive and immaculate display of ultra-high image resolutions. The download size of the Angelika Sher art book is about 25 MB.

Tap any of the images in the book to get a full resolution view. Tap again to return to album view.

“For the first time, I could wholeheartedly share pictures over the digital medium, knowing that the full level of detail is available to the viewer”, said photographic artist Angelika Sher. “The production of hipix® based books or magazines is a fast and simple, low-cost process of enhancing existing PDF based material with the original high resolution images, bypassing the need for a costly redesign.”

In addition to art books, the process is well suited for digital photo albums, catalogues and brochures.


“The resulting application is powerful, yet compact, bringing out the true quality of the original material without the penalties of a large download.” says Ira Dvir, co-inventor of hipix®.

The app development company Pervasent Consulting has delivered hundreds of mobile applications to Apple’s App Store, including custom consumer apps and apps for restaurants, mobile publishing, and enterprises. They also have expertise in mobile application development for Android devices.


EBook: Angelika Sher

About hipix

Pervasent Consulting

BookBub Helps Readers Discover Discounted E-Books

BookbubLogoBookBub is a daily email service that notifies readers about sales on acclaimed e-books. Readers sign up for free at the site to get alerted to limited-time offers on best-selling e-books that match their interests. Publishers and authors partner with BookBub to advertise the price promotions they’ve made available at major ebook retailers.

Founded in 2012, BookBub has already surpassed one million subscribers. The company claims they are currently signing up between 5,000 and 10,000 new subscribers a day.

“The response to BookBub has been phenomenal,” said Josh Schanker, BookBub’s president and co-founder. “Readers love taking advantage of the great deals, and publishers have found us to be an effective way to gain exposure for their titles and authors.”

BookbubSampleEMailMuch of BookBub’s growth has been driven by word-of-mouth and social media recommendations from existing subscribers.

“Our subscribers are our best advocates,” said Nicholas Ciarelli, BookBub’s co-founder. “When BookBub helps readers discover a new author or book they love, they want to share the experience with their friends.”

When you register with BookBub, you create a profile that lists what you like to read. Then, BookBub will only alert you to discounts on e-books matching these interests. BookBub also employs an editorial team to select titles that are of the highest quality and best fit for its subscribers.

“At any time there are thousands of discounted ebooks available, and searching through them for something good can be tough for readers,” said Katie Donelan, BookBub’s Director of Editorial Operations. “We’re very selective about what we feature, so our subscribers know they’re only receiving great books at great prices.”

BookBub’s rapid growth has attracted partners from across the industry to feature e-books with the service. The company is currently working with five of the Big Six publishers, dozens of midsized and small publishing houses, and hundreds of bestselling independent authors.



BookBaby Guide: How to Make Money with Your eBook

BookbabyEbookTo make money from e-books, authors must learn to think more like marketers. And they should think about marketing even before they start writing an e-book. These are some of the points emphasized in “Making Money with Your eBook,” one of several free publishing guides available from Bookbaby.

Witten by Bookbaby’s Chief Marketing Officer Steven Spatz, the guide notes that the Internet is flooded with book-marketing information and advice: “Literally thousands of white papers, articles, and guides are available free—just like this one! The problem is: If you did everything suggested in these well-intentioned articles, you wouldn’t have any time to write your next book.”

In nine easy-to-read pages, “Making Money with Your eBook” provides specific and practical tips for:

  • identifying the market for an e-book
  • crafting a unique selling proposition
  • developing an affiliate marketing network
  • using metadata to help your readers find you

Spatz emphasizes that, “Successful promotion of your book will requirement some combination of time, effort, money, and luck (with extra helpings of the latter). But if you approach your book like a disciplined and focused marketer, you can’t help but increase the chance for your book to stand out and be discovered.”

Most authors have difficulty thinking like marketers, because authors have trouble perceiving their books as products.  Spatz writes, “You need to subtract emotion from the equation. Put away your subjective feelings. You need to think of your book like it’s a tube of toothpaste at CVS.”

Instead of behaving like an author trying to market your book, he suggests adopting a marketing mindset from the start of a project: “Many important elements of making money on your e-book happen before you write your first word.”

About BookBaby. BookBaby helps independent authors navigate the complexities of self publishing and book marketing. Their services include editing services, cover design, manuscript conversion, ebook publishing and distribution, book printing, and author websites.

The “Making Money with Your eBook” guide is one of several publishing guides that can be downloaded free from the BookBaby website. Other guides cover e-book production, blogging, and secrets of successful authors.

BookBaby also publishes an excellent blog. Posts explain how to format e-books, produce and distribute audio-books, and use blogs, Pinterest and other social networks to promote self-published books.


Making Money with Your eBook

Free Publishing Guides from BookBaby

About BookBaby


Sullivan Street Press Can Help Re-Launch Out-of-Print Books

SullivanStPressLogoSullivan Street Press is offering authors with out-of-print books the opportunity to re-launch their books in e-book format. This new publishing program treats these books as new books, with a conversion to e-book format that re-imagines the books now as digital experiences. These “new” books will benefit from the new design as well as the full marketing and promotion that a new title deserves.

Traditional publishing was once the only way for an author to see their work in print. Publishers had a great deal of power over what was published, when it was published, and for how long.

Today, the balance of power in publishing is shifting, enabling talented authors to reclaim their place in the world of book lovers.  Publishing an e-book gives writers who once were only available in bound-book format the opportunity to flourish again by finding new audiences in the digital world of book publishing.

“There are so many amazing books that have been forced out-of-print, basically destroyed by the traditional publishing model,” says Deborah Emin, founder of Sullivan Street Press.  “It is our intention to bring new life to quality work through re-releasing out-of-print books in e-book format so that the book and author can have the readership they deserve.”

Founded three years ago, Sullivan Street Press is dedicated to changing the publishing paradigm. Sullivan Street Press is actively pursuing writers whose wonderful work got left behind and who want once again to work with a publisher interested in helping them to reach out to their new readers.  When an older title is re-launched, the authors will not only be able to increase their sales and profits, but also gain valuable insights into who is reading their books.


Sullivan Street Press

Free Interactive Book about Art of Landscape Photography

PHOTOGRAPHERS. Photographer Robert R. Rodriguez Jr. has published a gorgeous 45-page e-book on the “Art and Craft of Landscape Photography.” Drawing on his real-world experiences as a landscape photographer, instructor, speaker, and blogger, he presents a holistic approach to capturing evocative images.

You can download “The Art and Craft of Landscape Photography” either as a traditional PDF or enjoy it as an interactive iBook on your iPad. He is making the book available free for a limited time.

I immediately downloaded both versions of the book so I could compare the reading experiences.  But I also knew that Robert would venture off the beaten path of traditional photography books. When I interviewed Robert a few years ago, I was inspired by his commitment to living the life of a creative professional on his own terms.  He is very good at his craft, and conveys it in everything he does—whether it’s his blog posts, seminars, or this book.  Unlike e-books that appear to be dashed off in a matter of days (or hours!), this book is noticeably different.

“My goal was to take the best of what I have shared on the Beyond the Lens blog over the past few years and present it in an easier-to-read format,” explains Robert.

And yes, the book does talk about photography gear and technique. But Robert also discusses some psychological limitations that prevent creative professionals from pursuing their passions.

He explains why becoming a professional photographer is not a pre-requisite for making successful images, but says he is often asked about the challenges of becoming a full-time photographer.

“My core belief is that only you can determine what you are capable of, and no one can or should tell you otherwise. IF you have the determination and stamina, then yes, you can become a professional in whatever field you choose, including photography,” writes Rodriguez. “Will it be difficult and challenging? I can tell you it is the hardest thing I have ever done. But so what? I am having a blast, and I am doing what I love.”

In his e-book, Rodriguez examines the motivation, passion, and vision involved in successful landscape photography. He describes how several images were made, shows what he learned from failed images, and talks about how he draws inspiration from the Hudson River School of painters. The book also includes recommended resources and gear he regards as “top investments” for nature photographers.

The interactive iBook version contains full-screen views of all the images (compatible with Retina display), interactive galleries, and two videos.

If you haven’t yet read a photography iBook on your iPad yet, Robert includes a short video that shows you how to enjoy the interactive features to the fullest.  To download the iBooks edition from Apple’s iBook Store, you will need an iPad (any version) and the free iBooks app.


E-Book: Inside the Art and Craft of Landscape Photography

Beyond the Lens Blog

About Robert Rodgriguez Jr.

E-Book Publisher Has Roots in Traditional Book Publishing

WRITERS. As you research different firms for publishing your e-books, don’t compare publishers solely on the price of their packages. For example, companies that have a history in the book-publishing business might be able to offer you services and insights that relatively new start-up companies don’t yet offer.

For example, Publish Green is a division of Hillcrest Media Group, which began as the book publisher Mill City Press. They offer a full range of e-book formatting, distribution, editing, and marketing services. Their goal is to help traditionally published authors, self-published authors, and book publishers of all sizes make their mark in the e-book publishing world.

Unlike most e-book formatters, each Publish Green e-book is converted from many different file types and perfected line-by-line by an in-house formatter.

You can submit your book as plain text, a Word document, a PDF, or InDesign file. A formatting team will then work on your book by hand to ensure that wacky spacing, missing words, or other mistakes commonly found in automated e-book formatting processes are eliminated.

After your eBook is formatted, you can perfect the final version before publication, ensuring that the e-book will be a work you can be proud of.

Publish Green uses patent-pending software with advanced features that enable virtually any form of text- or image-based book (novels, memoirs, illustrated children’s books, cookbooks, etc.) to be formatted into several different file types. Your e-book will be recognized by all major e-book reading devices.

Publish Green allows authors to keep 100% of the profit from book sales and completely own the rights to their e-books.  Through their global distribution package, you can choose to have your book distributed through many different online sellers of e-books. In addition to selling your work through Amazon and iBookstore, you can choose to have your work sold through Barnes & Noble, Kobo, the Sony Reader store, eBooks.com, Books-a-Million, Bookstrand, Books on Board, and others.

The company’s new website provides detailed descriptions of all their editing, formatting, and marketing services. I particularly liked how they listed what their editing services include (and don’t include). “Editing” often means different things to different people, so it’s helpful to find a website that clarifies the distinction between basic copy editing services and a comprehensive edit. For example, they explain that their editing services don’t include fact checking or securing necessary permissions for reproductions of copyrighted works that go beyond “fair use.”

Publish Green offers an impressive assortment of marketing services, including virtual book tours, Google advertising, book trailers, author websites, the Amazon Exposure program, and Facebook fan pages and Facebook advertising.

For newcomers to e-book publishing, Publish Green has produced a 20-page guide entitled, “The Basics of eBook Publishing.” The guide explains topics such as formats, royalties and digital rights management, and shows examples of some of the errors that can occur when e-books are converted through software that automates the process. When you download the guide, you can choose to download it in several different formats, depending on whether you plan to read it on your computer, an iPad, Barnes & Noble Nook, or Amazon Kindle.


Publish Green

Free Guide: “The Basics of eBook Publishing”