Digitally Paint on iPad, Replay Brushstrokes on Mac or PC

ARTISTS. ArtRage is a painting and drawing package that can be used to produce natural-looking artwork on your iPad, Mac, or PC. Developed by Ambient Software, ArtRage digitally simulates the experience of “painting” using your computer or tablet screen as the canvas. The “oil paints” smear and blend, and the “watercolors” flow together to create soft, wet gradations, just as they would in a traditional art studio.

ArtRage painting of Arielle Kogut by David Jon Kassan
ArtRage painting of Arielle Kogut by David Jon Kassan @StonehengeNYC

With the new iPad version (1.3) announced October 12, you can share the paintings you create on you iPad via Facebook, DropBox, and deviantArt, and export to a wider range of image formats via iTunes and email. For example, you can export your “paintings” as PNG or JPG files to the iTunes shared file space or send PNG, JPG, or native PTG files via email.

Also new is the ability to record your paint strokes. With this feature, you can playback your iPad painting in ArtRage 3.5 Studio on your Mac or PC for further editing, save your paintings for posterity, produce higher resolution output for large-format printing, or create tutorials to communicate the artistic process. In the tutorials, you can include annotations that explain certain techniques or add Note Bubbles or Spotlights that draw the viewer’s attention to certain areas of the canvas.

ArtRage painting of Screamy Screamy Night by Barbara Lietzow
"Screamy Screamy Night" Mashup of vanGogh and Munch recorded for playback by Barbara Lietzow

Ambient Design Ltd. is a New Zealand-based global software development and publishing firm, specializing in creative applications and user interfaces for artists of all ages and all levels of competency, including professionals, hobbyists and students.



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