PhoozL Photo Contest Offers One-on-One Feedback from Legendary Photographer Joel Meyerowitz

All creative professionals should know how to take good pictures. But wouldn’t you rather learn by shooting and sharing photos than reading a dull and dry manual? PhoozL is a photography education and entertainment site for photographers and photo enthusiasts who want to have “phun” while learning more about photography.

In conjunction with the launch of their revamped website, PhoozL is conducting a “Seeing the Light” photo contest. The contest winners will be selected by one of photography’s living legends, Joel Meyerowitz, a world-renowned fine-art and documentary photographer whose work has appeared in more than 350 international exhibitions.

In addition to selecting the grand-prize winner of the “Seeing the Light” competition, Joel will provide a one-on-one review of the contest winner’s work.

Other prize winners will receive a voucher to choose a digital photography/video book from the extensive selection offered by Course Technology/CENGAGE Learning or a one-year gift subscription to Aperture magazine.

The PhoozL “Seeing the Light” contest is open to all logged-in members of PhoozL ages 18 and over.  To enter, submit up to five photos related to the theme, “Seeing the Light” by June 4, 2012. There are no restrictions on how or when the image was captured or processed. The complete rules are on the PhoozL website.

What is PhoozL?

“If you like taking pictures, getting exposure and recognition for your photos, improving your photo skills, and being challenged, inspired and motivated to take more and better photographs, then PhoozL is your new home,” says PhoozL founder/creator Harald Johnson.  In addition to photo contests, PhoozL offers photo assignments, photo critiques, photography tips, and discussion phorums.

Johnson, a former professional photographer, art director, and publisher, has been immersed in the worlds of photography, art, and publishing for more than 30 years. He is the author of the groundbreaking book series “Mastering Digital Printing” and has served as a marketing/printing consultant for global technology companies.  He founded an online digital fine-arts discussion group in the 1990s and is now publishing photo apps, such as the PhoozL IQ, a quiz that lets you test your knowledge of photography.  He created PhoozL with Richard Marks and other adventurous friends and colleagues who share a passion for photography.

The PhoozL Photo Pros include professional photographers and photo-industry experts who provide feedback to PhoozL members open to receiving it. The current PhoozL Photo Pro team includes Harald Johnson, Andrew Darlow, C. David Tobie, David Saffir, Jonathan Smith, and Wayne Cosshall.



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