Photoshop World Brings Creative People Together July 19-21 in Las Vegas

PhotoshopWorld_Branding_300x250Each year creative people from all walks of life come together for three days in Las Vegas. Their mission is to leave the world behind and totally immerse themselves in a Photoshop, design, and photography love fest called Photoshop World. This year’s event runs July 19-21, 2016 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

The Photoshop World Conference brings together photographers, graphic designers, retouchers, illustrators, web creators, social media managers, bloggers, hobbyists, video editors, art directors, and many other people who use Adobe tools to create, excite, inspire, and communicate.

The conference is sponsored by Adobe Systems and produced by the KelbyOne online education community.

More than 80 Educational Sessions

The conference includes more than 80 sessions presented by an extraordinary roster of talented instructors.

Courses cover topics related to Photoshop, Lightroom, Creative Cloud, lighting, inspiration, photography, video, and mobile apps. For example, instructors will explain how to:

  • Use Creative Cloud mobile apps
  • Produce gallery-worthy black-and-white images
  • Develop new revenues from stock photo creation
  • Build workflows that bring together mobile phone and DSLR images
  • Create panoramic, high dynamic range, and time-lapse photographs
  • Create snapshot videos for weddings and other events
  • Bring your landscape photography to life
  • Get started in aerial photography

Because creative people learn best when they’re having fun, the conference also includes loads of networking events, parties, after-hour sessions, meet-ups, and get-togethers. The conference kicks off with a high-energy opening keynote by people at Adobe who have made Photoshop World

“Photoshop World isn’t just another conference. There’s a very special vibe to it, an energy that recharges and renews your creative spirit,” said conference technical chair Scott Kelby. “People come here year after year to lose themselves in all this cool stuff and Photoshop is at the heart of it. No matter what you do, whether it’s video, photography, design, or blogging, this tool has changed our world.”

He says the goal has always been for participants to come away learning more in these three days than they have in the last three years and it’s what’s powers the conference from start to finish. It’s the ‘secret sauce’ that has made Photoshop World a must-attend event for the creative community for 19 years straight.


Update Your Photography and Business Skills at PDN PhotoPlus Expo

Whether you are in the professional photography business or are serious about updating your skills, check out what’s happening at the PDN PhotoPlus Conference and Expo in October.

The PDN PhotoPlus International Conference + Expo is the largest photography and imaging show in North America. The 2015 Conference runs from October 21-24 at the Javits Center in New York. The Expo runs from October 22-24.

PhotoPlus_220x145Last year, PDN PhotoPlus Expo attracted more than 21,000 professional photographers, photography enthusiasts, filmmakers, students, and educators from around the world.

“Our vast schedule of photo walks, master classes, conference seminars, keynotes, and portfolio reviews, combined with our large expo hall filled with hundreds of exhibitors demonstrating the latest imaging technologies, has created a wonderful playground for anyone who loves the visual arts.” explains Jason Groupp, Director of Education and Membership of the PHOTO+ Group

PPEThe expo features 220 exhibitors and thousands of new products. The educational programming includes over 80 seminars, keynote presentations, and special events. Whether you need to learn basics such as posing, lighting, retouching, editing, and printing or explore niches such as portraiture, commercial, or travel photography, the program has sessions that can help.

Business development programs at PhotoPlus Expo can help you find ways to expand your range of products and services and update your skills.

Sample Courses

For example, here are a few of the courses that will be presented during the 2015 Conference.

The Headshot Game and How to Play it!
Peter Hurley will explain how to forge a career in a hot genre that helps professionals of all ages improve their digital identities and establish personal brands. Hurley offers valuable insights about how he developed one of the most successful headshot businesses in the country.

Learning to Thrive as an Artist: Business, Marketing and Style for Photographers Commercial photographer and director John Keatley discusses one of his biggest passions—business! He will explain why photographers need to develop both an artists’ mindset and an understanding of the skills needed to market your work.

An Artist’s Journey: Surviving the Evolving Photo Industry
Jeremy Cowart, one of the most influential photographers on the Internet, will explain how to stay relevant in an industry in which new apps, new cameras, new tools and new technologies are released every day.

Focus on Filmmaking

It’s Moving! Tips for Photographers Who Start Shooting Video
European cinematographer and filmmaker Nino Leitner will share tips for photographers who are starting to shoot video. Where are the similarities in shooting practices and workflows? Where are the differences? Learn to avoid the typical caveats and get inspired to think about your images in constant motion.

Creative Concepts for Event Filmmakers
From single-day creative shoots to high-end, multi-day scripted productions, cinematic storytelling can reach far beyond a live event and command high value. Learn how Los Angeles–based Pacific Pictures has become one of the world’s most sought after studios by creating and selling some of the industry’s most prolific live event concept films. Award-winning filmmaker Kevin Shahinian explores creative storytelling techniques and cutting-edge, conceptual film productions that can take your documentary filmmaking skills and business to a higher level.

One-Man-Band Filmmaking
Do you shoot by yourself, handling all the lighting, audio, directing and carrying around all your gear? With the right approach and tools, the New Age filmmaker can accomplish anything independently. Joe Switzer will discuss topics such as project management, outsourcing and the corporate project workflow.

Filmmaking Essentials For Photographers
In this class for emerging photographers and professionals pursuing new markets, Eduardo Angel will demystify the most common filmmaking terms and shooting techniques. He will also cover the most essential selection of gear to increase the production value of your video projects and provide an overview of the business of motion. After this class, you will have a better understanding of the similarities and differences between the disciplines of stills and motion.

Printing Skills and Innovations

Another way photography pros can distinguish themselves is through skills in fine-art printing and conservation framing or by offering high-quality imagery on durable, ready-to-hang aluminum or wood panels or as brilliant, extra-large backlits. Four PhotoPlus Expo sessions can bring you up to speed on the latest workflows and options for in-studio and lab printing.

The Craft and Passion and Fine-Art Digital Printing
According to Stephen Johnson, making a photographic print has always been a challenging process. It could involve days in the darkroom, and deep consideration of the results and possibilities. He contends that the time, craft, and care needed to make a fine print in this digital age is not dissimilar. The processes are very different, but the attention to the craft and need for passionate concentration on the potential beauty of the photographic print remain. Focusing on pigment-ink photo printers, he will discuss workflow issues, color management, adjustment layers, color-cast corrections, custom profile generation, editing, and inspection. He will also explore print aesthetics in the digital age: What makes for a beautiful print? Do new possibilities enhance our notion of what photography can be? Or are we merely trying imitate traditional photographic processes?

The Basics of Fine Art Printing
Rocco Ancora will encourage photographers to take control of their own printing. He will explain how to choose the right printer for your business and how to determine the right media for the print. As he demonstrates how the digital capture-to-print process comes together, he will explore a world of new possibilities and digital imaging practices.

The Basics of Custom Framing: An Overview for the Photo Industry
Framing industry expert John Ranes will explain the essential elements and equipment photographers need to expand into custom framing. Topics to be covered include: conservation framing, sourcing options, and revenue-enhancement offerings. John will review pricing, costs, margins, and volumes to help you determine whether custom framing is right for your photography business.

The Latest Technologies for Large- and Very-Large-Format Printing and Production of Brilliant Backlits
Renowned image permanence expert Henry Wilhelm and several of the world’s most accomplished printmakers will show how new printing processes are expanding the definition of photographic prints. For example, new flatbed printers can use very long-lasting UV-curable pigment inks to produce visually stunning prints up to 10 x 20 ft. on a wide variety of substrates including acrylic, sheet aluminum, Dibond, glass, plywood, uncoated artists papers, and traditional gesso-coated artist canvas. When UV-curable inks are back-printed on acrylic or glass, you can produce brilliant LED-illuminated backlit images at a wide range of sizes. With the dye-sublimation process used to make ChromaLuxe prints, images are infused directly onto specially coated sheets of metal or wood, and table tops. Photo labs can ChromaLuxe prints in sizes up to 4 x 8 ft. The ChromaLuxe prints are extremely resistant to scratches and abrasion and require no additional mounting or framing for display.


PDN PhotoPlus International Conference and Expo


Photoshop World Attendees Get One-Year Membership to Adobe Creative Cloud

PSWorldCoverPHOTOGRAPHERS. DESIGNERS. Have you ever attended a Photoshop workshop in which attendees were using various versions of the software? It slows down the pace of instruction and the relevance of the question-and-answer session. That’s why a new offer initiated by Scott Kelby of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals is a stroke of genius.

Kelby Media Group and NAPP have announced that Adobe will provide a free one-year Adobe® Creative CloudTM membership to all registered attendees of the 2013 Photoshop World Conference and Expo from September 4-6 in Las Vegas.

Photoshop World, which is produced by NAPP, attracts creative people from all backgrounds and skills levels. Teachers, students, amateurs, and pros convene at Photoshop World for classes on Photoshop, Lightroom,  photography techniques, lighting, graphic design, and building a creative-services business.

With Creative Cloud memberships, all Photoshop World attendees will have access to the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Lightroom, Acrobat, and more. Plus, attendees will get new features and upgrades as soon as they are available. Creative Cloud memberships also offer file sharing services and access to publishing apps and websites. Creative Cloud members can publish a customized portfolio on their own URL and plug into the Behance creative community.

The one-year Creative Cloud membership is valued at $600. Until August 2, a full conference registration for Photoshop World is $598 for non-members of NAPP and $499 for NAPP members. Photoshop World alumni get a $50 discount, and non-members get a one-year NAPP membership which includes 10 issues of Photoshop User magazine and access to online classes and tutorials.


Adobe Creative Cloud


A Preview of Three Big Photography Conferences

At photography conferences and trade shows, you will find learning and networking experiences that are difficult to replicate through books, videos, or webinars. Attending a national photography conference can be a fantastic way to get a summary of current thinking, meet the brightest stars in the business, see demonstrations of the latest technology, and get hints about what’s next.

With the soaring popularity of photography (and the fact that so many creative pros must add photography to their repertoire of skills), many photography conferences welcome newcomers. Whether you want to make photography your full-time career or just want to learn how to shoot and process better photos, most photography conferences offer classes that can help.

Here’s a quick overview of three upcoming conferences and how they differ.

Photoshop World Conference and Expo
September 4-6, 2013
Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
(Early registration discount ends August 2)

PSWorldCoverThis Adobe-sponsored event is being promoted for “creative people from all walks of life—from beginners to seasoned pros, from teachers to students, and from amateurs to wizards.” In more than 100 different training sessions, Photoshop, photography, creative business, and design experts will share techniques in seven different areas: Photoshop Skills, Photoshop for Photographers, Lightroom, Photography Techniques, Graphic Design, Lighting, and Business.

The in-depth, pre-conference sessions include workshops such as Photoshop for Beginners, Lightroom 5 Crash Course, and Light It: Starting from Scratch. You can also experience learning events such as an On Location Wedding Photography Shoot, a Photo Safari in Las Vegas, and Top Gun Flight Training for aerial photography.

The lighting and photography technique tracks can help you shoot more visually interesting images from the start. You can learn how to:

  • Create texture, dimension, and mood with light
  • How to light anyone, whether in the studio or on location
  • Take your technique to the next level and become a better photographer
  • Style breathtaking images without spending a lot of money

Business workshops cover topics such as social media, pricing, negotiating, selling, contracts, licensing, and releases as well as the business side of wedding photography, and how to make it in editorial photography or sports photography.

The Photoshop Skills track covers topics such as video editing with Creative Cloud, digital illustration workflow, and smart creative technology.  The Graphic Design track includes workshops on creating motion graphics, using InDesign, illustration in Photoshop, and the fundamentals of character design for animation.

The Photoshop World Expo features live photo shoots, product demonstrations, and bonus classes.

Photoshop World Conference and Expo is organized by the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP). When you register for the Conference as a non-member, you will get a one-year membership to NAPP, which includes ten issues of Photoshop User magazine, and access to online classes and tutorials, discounts, and Photoshop and Lightroom help desks.


Photoshop World

National Association of Photoshop Professionals

PDN PhotoPlus International Conference  +  Expo
Conference: October 23-26, 2013
Expo: October 24-26, 2013
Javits Convention Center
New York, NY
(Discounted online registration ends October 22)

PhotoPlusExpoLogoAttended by more than 23,000 professional photographers and enthusiasts, this is the largest photography and imaging show in North America. Celebrating its 30th year, PhotoPlus will bring the latest technologies, applications, and business strategies to the forefront while taking a nostalgic look at the world of photography. The show’s theme is “Honoring the Past, Envisioning the Future.”  

The 90+ conference seminars are organized into eight tracks: Mastering Light; Shooting Memorable Moments; Creating for Clients; Social Media and Marketing; Better Business; Tips and Trends; In Motion; Post Production; Step by Step; and WPPI U.

WPPI U is a full-day series of seminars on October 23 produced by Wedding and Portrait Photographers International. Topics include posing, venue lighting, and creative composition tips for wedding photography, secrets to success in boudoir photography, and a start-to-finish overview of a portrait shoot.

Panel discussions at PhotoPlus Expo will explore the state of editorial photography, safe social media practices, strategies for entering photography competitions, presenting your work to multiple markets, and how motion is changing the future of still photography.

Other sessions will cover fine-art digital printing and publishing, earning a living in a world in which everyone has a camera, evolving your craft from stills to motion, succeeding in stock photography, and today’s changing market for photographs.

At the Expo, you will be able to meet representatives of nearly 300 manufacturers and service providers and touch, test, and compare an extensive assortment of photographic hardware, software, and services. Admission to the Expo is $70 on-site, but is free if you register online by October 22.

The official portfolio review program enables commercial and fine-art photographers to get feedback and critiques from top professionals along with the possibility of new assignments and relationships.

A variety of registration options are available. Register in advance for single sessions, one-day conference passes, or the full conference, which includes the PhotoPlus 30th anniversary bash and a new product preview and networking event. Student discounts and VIP Expo passes are also available.

PhotoPlus International Conference + Expo is brought to you by Photo District News (PDN), the award-winning monthly magazine for professional photographers. Photo District News and PhotoPlus International Conference + Expo are part of the Nielsen Photo Group.


PDN PhotoPlus International Conference + Expo

Portfolio Review Sessions at PDN PhotoPlus Conference

Imaging USA
Professional Photographers of America
January 12-14, 2014
Phoenix Convention Center
Phoenix, Arizona
(Registration discounts end December 4)

ImagingUSALogoWith more than 25,000 members in 54 countries, Professional Photographers of America (PPA) describes itself as the largest international non-profit association created by professional photographers for professional photographers.

PPA recently opened registration for Imaging USA 2014 and expects to attract more than 10,000 industry professionals for three days of photography education and inspiration.

The Imaging Expo trade show will feature more than 600 booths, several all-inclusive parties and more than 100 speeches, presentations and hands-on demonstrations by photographers and well-known industry experts. The educational classes can help you improve your photography business skills, range of photographic services, and expert use of technologies. Imaging USA also features mentoring opportunities, portfolio reviews, and an exhibition of award-winning photography.

Imaging USA is the longest running international photographic convention, expo and image exhibition in the world. Nearly as old as photography itself, the event dates back to 1880 when it began as the annual convention and trade show for Professional Photographers of America (PPA). It continues to grow and evolve along with industry trends and technology.

PPA is offering a free full-registration to Imaging USA as a perk for new members. Professional Active PPA memberships are available for $27.92 a month. Current members and everyone else can register for the full conference and expo, the expo only, the full conference and pre-conference courses, the International Photographic Competition, or off-site classes throughout the surrounding areas.


Imaging USA

Professional Photographers of America


Feed Your Passion for Photography at The Big Photo Show

The Big Photo Show is a series of photography events designed for the millions of U.S. consumers who want to learn how to take better photos. The events are being organized by PMA, The Worldwide Community of Imaging Associations.

thebigphotoshow_250x138The inaugural Big Photo Show event will be held from 10 am to 6 pm on Saturday May 4 and Sunday, May 5, 2013 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California. Here you will be able to see, touch, and explore the latest products rather than simply reading about them.  Bring your camera to the show, ask the pros questions, and learn about some cool new options for creatively displaying your images.

Live Model Shoots Hosted by Photography Magazines

“The Big Photo Show will offer three zones, each with different types of learning opportunities,” said PMA Executive Director Jim Esp.

  • The Education Zone offers theater-style seating for listening to expert speakers.
  • The Shooting Zone enables attendees to join pro photographers in shooting live models.
  • The Hands On Zone provides small-group settings for more in-depth, personalized training.

Professional photographers, framers, and experts from leading photography magazines will offer an array of educational opportunities.

For example, a live model shoot will be held several times each day in the booth of Bonnier Corp., which publishes American Photo and Popular Photography magazines. Participants can shoot side-by-side with top pro photographers and get their advice on lighting, posing, settings, and more. Each model will sign a model release, giving The Big Photo Show attendees permission to use the images for self-promotion in print and online.

Professional photographer and TV personality Erin Manning will discuss lighting techniques for both natural light and studio lighting. Manning hosts DIY Network’s award-winning TV series “The Whole Picture” and created the popular “Digital Photography 101” video series. She is also the author of two books: “Portrait and Candid Photography” and “Make Money with Your Digital Photography.”

Professional photographer and bestselling author Lee Varis  will teach the latest techniques for creating beautiful portraits and explain how to make the most of your images with Photoshop. A commercial and fine art photographer for over 30 years, Varis has had his work published in National Geographic, Newsweek and Fortune magazines. He is the author of “Skin: The Complete Guide to Digitally Lighting, Photographing and Retouching Faces” and “Bodies and Mastering Exposure and the Zone System for Digital Photographers.”

Photography instructor Mark Comon will share five easy tips to improve your photography and provide tips on wildlife and safari photography and sports photography. Comon has been teaching photography for more than 25 years and has led student groups on photographic tours through Europe, Africa and the American Southwest. His photography has been featured in many publications, including Outdoor Photographer, PC Photo and Photographic magazine.

Photographer David Bever will talk about the business of professional photography. Bever owns L.A. Photo in Redondo Beach, California which specializes in event and fashion/product photography. He has photographed band members from such legendary groups as Pink Floyd, Elton John, and Guns & Roses.

Inspiring Hobbyists and Creative Pros

PMA (which originated as the Photo Marketing Association) has a long history of helping photography-related businesses adapt to ongoing changes in imaging technologies. Under the leadership of Executive Director Jim Esp, they have recently redefined their mission to “promote the growth of the imaging industry.”

It seems to me the imaging industry already seems poised to explode. As all forms of interpersonal and business communications become more visual, millions of people want to learn more about photography and videography.

Sure, many “photo enthusiasts” are purely hobbyists (such as the hordes of retiring Boomers who want to document their travels and visually tell their life stories).

But knowing how to shoot good photos and videos is becoming a valuable, marketable skill for anyone striving to build a career in journalism, web publishing, graphic design, content marketing, or public relations.

As creative pros use “personal branding” to attract new career opportunities, many of us want to be able to take our own good-quality photos and videos for blogs, presentations, websites, and social media pages.

According to PMA, The Big Photo Show is designed to deepen and enhance the photo enthusiast’s relationship with the entire photography experience – from image capture to image output.

“The Big Photo Show is going to be fun, educational, and inspirational,” said Mark Comon. “Attendees will come home with fantastic pictures, and with a great deal of knowledge they can use in their passion and craft. Anyone interested in photography should be lining up to attend.”


The Big Photo Show



Big Photography Conferences Planned for Early 2013

Whether you are brand new to photography or an established professional who wants to learn what’s next for photography, one of these five conferences can help you gain the knowledge and connections you seek.

At each of these events you can see demonstrations of the latest photography equipment, pick vendors’ brains, expand your technical skills, learn more about the business of photography, and network with experts and peers.  Here’s a quick rundown of the major events scheduled for the first half of 2013.

2013 PMA@CES
Las Vegas, Nevada
January 6-7: DIMA, PSPA, and SPAA Conferences at Bally’s
January 6-7: AIE Future Imaging Summit at Bally’s
January 8-11: PMA Conferences and Exhibits at LVH (formerly Las Vegas Hilton)

If you like seeing how photography fits into the larger universe of consumer electronics, this event is for you. Held in conjunction with the International CES (Consumer Electronics Show), the PMA-hosted events can benefit anyone involved in marketing photography products or services, including photo-imaging retailers, chain stores, photo labs, and professional photographers.

PMA@CESAt the DIMA conference, digital-imaging professionals will share business-growth ideas such as retail strategies, social media marketing, and photo publishing.  Also discussed with be technologies such as hybrid imaging and consumer-generated augmented reality.

The PSPA/SPAA conference helps school, sports, and event photographers discover new ways to grow their business. Sessions will cover microbudget filmmaking, 21st Century lighting techniques, photo-merchandising trends, and social-media marketing.

For the Future Imaging Summit, The Association of Imaging Executives (AIE) is bringing together top imaging executives for four in-depth panel discussions to forecast the future of photography. The four areas to be discussed include: capture technology; online and smartphone image sharing; desktop and mobile apps and software for editing images; and output (the latest tools, tools, techniques, and materials for physical photo display).

The PMA@CES Conference sessions on January 8-10 will discuss the top imaging and technology trends to watch in 2013, new opportunities in creative photo products and personalized photo gifts, and best practices a challenges for storing photographs “in the cloud.”

Atlanta, Georgia
Georgia World Congress Center
January 20-22, 2013

ImagingUSAHosted by the non-profit Professional Photographers of America (PPA), Imaging USA is the largest annual convention and expo organized by professional photographers for professional photographers. Expert instructors will show you how to make more money with photography and balance that business your family life.

In one session, Will Crockett will discuss how to become comfortable, efficient, and profitable creating hybrid “eProducts” that customers can view in their iPhones, iPads, Facebook pages, and any screen you can think of. Hybrid imaging is the skillful blending of photos, videos, and audio (and anything else you can fit into an electronic image file).

Three days of more in-depth education are offered January 17, 18, and 19, covering topics such as business basics for portrait photographers, business basics for wedding photographers, portrait retouching, composite imaging, and how to turn your passion for photography into a viable business.

WPPI Wedding & Portrait Photography Conference & Expo
Las Vegas, Nevada
MGM Grand Hotel
Conference: March 7-14, 2013
Expo: March 11-13, 2013

WPPI2013-LogoThis event is organized by the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International division of Nielsen Photo Group, the same company that publishes Rangefinder and PDN magazines and hosts PhotoPlusExpo in New York.  The WPPI conference is the biggest event in the world for wedding and portrait photographers.

Sessions are geared toward teaching up-and-coming photographers how to strengthen their shooting skills, market their photography services, and run a profitable business.

Specific topics to be covered include: how to make the most of out of Pinterest; how to get amazing portraits in venues that are less-than-appealing; business law for 21st century photographers; and easy HDSLR filmmaking techniques for still photographers.

Photoshop World
Orlando, Florida
Orange County Convention Center
April 17-19, 2013

Organized by the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, this design and photography event offers three days of training from experts in Photoshop, photography, and lighting. The program includes more than 100 classes on photography, multimedia, printing/prepress, retouching, lighting, composition, and Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and Creative Suite. Specific sessions explain how to: sell your work online, create custom photo books, manage paperwork such as contracts and licenses, and get great prints from just about any printer.

The Big Photo Show
Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles Convention Center
May 4-5, 2013

PMABigPhotoShowIn September, PMA (the Photo Marketing Association) introduced The Big Photo Show website as an online community where photo enthusiasts, professional photographers, photo retailers, imaging labs, and manufacturers can meet, learn and grow together.

Now, PMA has announced the dates and location for The Big Photo Show, an event where photo enthusiasts can come to: see, touch, and try the latest in photography gear; meet representatives from the top equipment manufacturers, retailers, and labs; interact with other photographers; and hone their skills.

“The website offers photo contests with great prizes, tips and tricks from expert photographers, and a calendar of events, where photo enthusiasts can find out what’s happening in the world of photography, right where they live and work,” said Jim Esp, Executive Director of PMA. “Retailers, labs, framers, photographers and other imaging industry members can share their news and invite photo enthusiasts in their local markets to take part in whatever they’re doing.”

Allen Showalter, PMA President, added, “The Big Photo Show and the new, corresponding online community will bring consumers who love photography together with the people who have made it their life’s work to serve them. What a remarkable opportunity for imaging businesses to develop relationships with photo enthusiasts, and for those avid photographers to discover all the wonderful tools and services this industry has to offer, to help them grow in both passion and ability as photographers.”




WPPI Wedding & Portrait Photography Conference & Expo

Photoshop World

The Big Photo Show



Conference Offers Course on Microbudget Filmmaking

If you want to learn how to get more from the video capabilities of your DSLR, check out the courses on Microbudget Filmmaking and The Art of Storytelling that will be presented Monday, January 7 at Bally’s Hotel in Las Vegas. The courses are part of the two-day DIMA and PSPA/SPAA Conference that will be held January 6-7, prior to the start of the 2013 PMA@CES Conference and Expo, January 8-10 in Las Vegas.

The video courses will be taught by Jeff Medford and Ross Hockrow founders of the filmmaking company CineStories.

Microbudget Filmmaking

Most photographers think that they need thousands of dollars of extra gear in order to get started with DSLR filmmaking. For under $750, you can acquire every tool you need for success. In this session, Jeff and Ross will teach you how to utilize four inexpensive tools to instantly upgrade your audio, make your shots stable, add compelling camera movements, and utilize focus in a way that makes your overall film professional.

The Art of Storytelling

You know how to record video on your DSLR camera – now it’s time to unlock the power of your footage by learning how to create and enhance a story through editing. Filmmaking is all about storytelling and the editing process is where your story comes to life. In this session, you will learn the theory of editing and the process of applying it, including L-Cutting, cutting on the action, and facing your film properly. You’ll learn settings for exporting for different devices and websites, and how to use the entire Production Premium Suite to enhance the editing experience.

The DIMA Conference is an educational event for digital imaging professionals interested in social media, retail strategy, photo publishing and imaging technology. The PSPA/SPAA Conference helps school and sports photographers find new ways to grow their businesses and remain profitable.

Other sessions scheduled at the DIMA and PSPA/SPAA conferences will discuss topics such as copyrights and intellectual property, strategic planning for photographers, and hybrid photography. Plus, you can attend sessions on:

  • 21st Century Lighting Techniques,
  • The Easy Way to Create a Powerful Marketing Video
  • New Developments in Photo Books
  • Consumer-Generated Augmented Reality
  • Advancing Hard-Copy Output as a Means of Photo Preservation

Registrants for the DIMA and PSPA/SPAA conferences receive a CES Exhibits Plus Pass, which gets you into the PMA@CES photography-related exhibits at the LVH and all other CES exhibits from January 8-11.


Schedule of Classes and Speakers at the DIMA and PSPA/SPAA Conferences

About PMA@CES Conference and Expo