New Options for Printing and Exhibiting Phoneography

It’s amazing to see everything that can be done with images captured on a smartphone these days.  Below are just two examples of how camera-phone images are being displayed and printed for exhibition at major events.

Studio b Will Show Works of 40 Phoneographers at Art Basel Miami Beach

Do you have 13 smartphone images that are worthy of display at one of the most prestigious art shows in America? If so, round them up and send to [email protected] by Sunday, November 4.

If your collection of images is judged to be one of the 40 best, your work will be shown on studio b’s “Light Impressions” display that will be shown at Art Basel Miami Beach from December 6-9.  Art Basel is regarded as a cultural and social highlight for the Americas, attracting more than 260 leading galleries from North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

Studio b’s “Light Impressions” installation consists of 40 iPads mounted on a piece of metal that photographer and studio b owner Colleen Duffley salvaged the wreckage of a Gulf Coast hurricane.  Each of the 40 iPads displays a 13-image slideshow from a featured artist.

“Because the images are always moving, the Light Impressions exhibit itself is always changing,” Colleen says. “No matter how many times you look at it, you see it differently.”  To enter images or request more information about Light Impressions, e-mail: [email protected]

If you are interested in further developing your creative phoneography skills, Duffley will be leading an iPhoneography 101 sailing adventure in Maine aboard the J. and E. Riggin schooner from August 28-31, 2013. The sailing vessel is operated by Maine Windjammer Cruises.


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iPrints Store Makes Prints for LA Mobile Arts Festival

In August, the first LA Mobile Arts Festival 2012 (LA-MAF) showcased how mobile digital-imaging technology is transforming the arts. The LA-MAF garnered international media attention from organizations such as The Huffington Post, The Los Angeles Times, CNN, NBC, NASDAQ news, Daily Mail. During the show’s 8-day run, more than 2000 people came to view the largest exhibition of mobile artistry to date.

The show was organized by (IPA),an online group that enables phoneographers of all levels of expertise to share techniques, evaluate new technologies, and discuss their latest creations.

The organizers of the LA-MAF show believe that the unexpected way the images were presented attracted a lot of attention.

More than 600 images were displayed as different types and sizes of museum-quality prints. Some were mounted on handcrafted bamboo panels; others were printed on specially coated aluminum plates, printed on glass, or on mirrors in vintage Victorian frames.  Some prints were nearly four feet tall

Nate Park, co-founder of said that many people who entered the show asked: “So where’s the work that was done on the iPhone? Little did they know they were already surrounded by it.”

All of the prints displayed at the LA-MAF were produced by IPA’s new iPrints Store, which is now open to the general public.

Through the iPrints Store, phoneographers everywhere can print their iPhone files with the quality necessary to appeal to art buyers and advance their careers. The iPhoneArt team that operates the store are experts in preparing files for output on the types of print surfaces that generated so much buzz at the  LA-MAF.

“The iPrints Store is also a far-reaching sales platform for IPA’s international band of mobile artists,” said Daria Polichetti, co-founder of “The public gallery is a curated space, so you must submit your portfolio for review.” Once accepted, you will have full control over your works. The iPrints Store will handle tasks such as tracking limited and signed editions, offering file-prep assistance for achieving museum-quality prints, and mounting images on eco-friendly bamboo panels.

“It’s not a quick-print system run through one of the online mega-printers.” says Polichetti. “It is not an instant-anything. Instead, each work is printed with personal attention, hand crafted to order, and shipped worldwide.”

“At, we feed each others’ creativity,” said one artist. “The LA Mobile Arts Festival 2012 was one example of what this mobile art community is capable of. The iPrints Store is another.”


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