Infographics of Sales and Seach Data Help 3D Model Designers

DESIGNERS. If one of your goals is to become a best-selling 3D artist, the team at the 3D model marketplace CGTrader has published some useful data about which models sell best, how to price your models to grow your sales, and which 3D modeling categories are the top selling.

The first two infographics in the series were:

Exclusive Data on How to Sell 3D Models

Exclusive Tips for Maximizing Your Income for Selling 3D Models

CGTrader is is a community-based 3D model marketplace that was founded in 2011 by 3D designer Marius Kalytis. His goal was to create a just and favorable online platform for 3D designers seeking a mutually-beneficial partnership. As a 3D artist himself, Kalytis knew about existing platforms that paid little thought to fair royalty system for users. So, Marius started his own business marketplace granting generous royalties to 3D artists and vowing to democratize the 3D modeling market. CGTrader has evolved into a community were designers help each other, buyers and sellers communicate, jobs are offered, and innovation is sparked.

“We focused entirely on empowering 3D designers by giving them all the support we could think of: helping them sell, share and improve their work, take custom jobs and choose their clients,” added Kalytis. “This is a kind of freedom that I was seeking for myself and that every artist deserves.”

The site has quickly grown to include more than 120,000 registered users and about 85,000 3D models for sale.

To help designers better understand what types of models people are looking for, here is CGTrader’s newest infographics about the most popular search terms in 2014.

CGTrader 2014 search infographic


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