Some Surprising Stats About Android vs. iOS Devices

It’s number-crunching time! Year’s end is a good time to round up statistics that can help shed light on what happened this past year, and what trends are likely to shape the year(s) ahead.

A researcher from sent me a link to an infographic they produced with some statistics showing how the Android operating system has become the world’s most popular smartphone OS.

Here’s the infographic, which should interest any creative pro who is engaged in developing new apps (or is considering buying a tablet or smartphone).




The Future of Imaging Is on Display at 2012 International CES

PHOTOGRAPHERS. This will be a big week for imaging-technology rollouts, as the 2012 International CES opens today and runs through January 13. The Consumer Electronics association (CEA) expects this year’s consumer-electronics show to be its most innovative show on record.

More than 20,000 new products are expected to be announced this week as more than 2,700 exhibiting companies vie for the attention of 140,000+ attendees and 5,000 journalists.

At a private reception hosted by WIRED magazine and Condé Nast, Magnetic 3D will showcase high-quality 3D visual content on their autostereoscopic “glasses-free” 3D displays and digital signage .

If the latest forecasts from GfK Digital World and CEA prove correct, 2012 will mark the first year that global spending on consumer technology devices surpasses $1 trillion. This represents a 5 percent increase over the 2011 figure of $993 billion. The key drivers for growth are expected to continue to be mobile-connected devices, such as smartphones and tablet PCs. Sales of tablet PCs, which reached $39 billion this year, are expected to show double-digit increases in 2012.


For the first time, the annual convention and trade show of the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) has been integrated with CES.  The convergence seems natural as digital photography has enabled visual communications to play an integral part of our everyday lives.

Consumers today carry camera-phones everywhere they go, and take pictures as a means of documenting and sharing day-to-day experiences more than preserving memories. The Instagram app has become one of the most popular apps in the ITunes.

At CES, exhibitors will be showcasing hundreds of new apps and smartphone accessories, new 3D and touchscreen displays, and innovative standalone cameras such as the Lytro and the Zink-enabled Polaroid Z340 instant digital camera.

Polaroid’s Z340 combines a 14 megapixel digital camera with a printer that uses the ink-free Zero Ink Printing Technology from ZINK Imaging to deliver a 3 x 4-inch print.


With the Lytro light-field camera, you can focus and re-focus the image anywhere in the picture after the capture.

Should professional photographers feel threatened by the growing power and versatility of smartphone cameras?  Not those who make the effort to adapt.

An essay in the December/January issue of 6Sight Magazine recaps comments Joe Byrd made at a PMA@CES press preview: “Photography is a booming business across the world today. More photos are being taken by more people and shared in more ways than ever before, and it’s all steadily trending upwards. With so much activity and interest there are plenty of opportunities for everyone in the industry to make money. The only remaining question is: How? How do I need to change what I’m doing to capture my share of revenue from this rising tide of interest?” He advises photo-industry professionals to find a niche in the expanding sea of opportunity, then learn what it will take to prosper in that niche.

“The bright future of imaging is yours to grab,” says Byrd. “If you only take this opportunity to figure out what works best for you.”

6Sight: Future of Imaging Magazine

A good way to get a sense of perspective on imaging-related products exhibited at CES is to read the December/January issue of 6Sight: The Future of Imaging magazine.  The December/January issue includes 16 pages of product news (including many apps), as well as the following feature stories:

Flixab Automates Editing: Instant Video for Social Media
David Slater talks about the platform Flixlab is building to intelligently handle video. The Flixlab service automatically makes editing decisions, so people don’t have to invest a lot of time or acquire special skills to produce engaging movies. The initial iPhone app also shares video clips and pictures to Facebook.

Mobile Imaging: Ericsson Advancing Phone Photos
Ericsson research engineer Mats Wernersson talks about what lies ahead in mobile imaging.

From High-End Film Photos to iPhone Photography
In an interview conducted by Paul Worthington, long-time pro photographer Jack Hollingsworth explains why “iPhoneography” has made him more passionate about photography than ever been. Hollingsworth says, “I really feel it’s the greatest time alive to be a photographer today. The opportunities for the entrepreneur in the photography space are astounding.”

For more detailed coverage of new product introductions, tune into the CES Channel on YouTube.


 Official 2012 International CES Channel on YouTube

6Sight Future of Imaging Magazine: December/January issue

6Sight Future of Imaging Magazine: The Shape of Cameras Today (November issue)

Ring In Creative New Year with Studio b Camera Phone Event

Start the New Year with a creative bang by participating in the fourth annual camera phone photography contest sponsored by studio b. From midnight on December 31, 2011 until midnight on January 1, 2012, use the camera in your iPhone (or any other smartphone) to shoot your activities or whatever captures your fancy during the dawning of the brand-new year.

“Shoot your life, your food, your dog—anything and everything,” urges Colleen Duffley, the world-class advertising and editorial photographer who founded studio b. “The only rule is that all images must be shot with a camera phone.”

There are no fees, and you can enter as many images as you like. Identify each image with your name, the title of the shot, and where you took the shot. Send your images to [email protected] by Tuesday, January 3, 2012.

Some images will be selected for inclusion on studio b’s pioneering Light Impressions exhibition which showcases the work of 40 of the world’s best smartphone photographers on 40 iPads. Slideshows from contest participants are also posted on studio b’s website where they may be viewed by some of the influential editors, artists, and designers Colleen befriended during her long, globe-trotting career in photography. In addition to being featured in the online gallery, some images will be printed and displayed in studio b’s art gallery.

The goal of the event is to help show how people of all ages are using their camera-phones as instruments of creativity.

What is studio b?

Located on the picturesque Emerald Coast of Florida’s Panhandle, studio b is an inspirational learning environment for all things creative. Participatory events, seminars, classes, and lectures bring together best-of-the-best pros from around the world with knowledge-seekers of all ages and backgrounds. Studio b programs have included hands-on learning experiences in photography, art, literature, fashion, design, music, and the culinary arts.

For example, attendees have learned how to cook pieorogies, build a bamboo bike, sew, paint, and sculpt. They have experimented with clay and other mediums and techniques such as encaustics, a painting method that involves pigmented beeswax. Studio b attendees have learned about cooking from a James Beard- award-winning chef and organic olive oil grower from Italy and held Q-and-A sessions with the director of a film that won an award at the Sundance Film Festival.

The idea for studio b originated as Colleen struck up friendships with some amazingly talented people while she traveled the world shooting images of food, fashion, and homes for magazines such as Better Homes & Gardens, Traditional Home, Elle Décor, Bon Appetit and commercial clients such as Carnival Cruise Lines, Neiman Marcus, and Doral Resort and Spa.

She often wished some of her other friends could have joined in these memorable experiences. So Colleen decided that the best way to make this happen was to invite some of the friends she met during photography shoots to give events at studio b.

Last October, Martie McGuire and Emily Robison from the Dixie Chicks spent a week at studio b writing music for the next CD to be released by their new band, The Courtyard Hounds.

They performed some of the new songs and mingled with a small group of music lovers who gathered at studio b for what turned out to be a fun and interactive evening.

Like other program-presenters, Emily Robinson found the “studio b experience” to be just as stimulating as the attendees did. In a letter to Colleen, Emily wrote:“For artists of any kind, finding new ways to be inspired is essential to our existence…or at least our work.” She says that after meeting Colleen on a project and learning of her other passion, Studio b, “It was clear to me how much we had in common. I, too, was at a point in my life where I was looking for that plan b…a way to be inspired, try new creative things and learn from other creative people’s work.” She says, “Studio b is a beautiful place for all of these things to come together, which is why we love being a part of the b.”

The Light Impressions Exhibit

Although studio b hosts many non-photography-related events, the camera-phone contest was the first event ever conducted by studio b. When Colleen launched it four years ago, the cameras in phones weren’t nearly as robust as they are today. Yet she could easily imagine how life-changing camera phones might one day become.

Others could see the possibilities too, because that first contest attracted more than 1,000 entries from all over the world. The first entry arrived at 6 pm U.S. Eastern time, from a photographer in Spain.

Last year, as the iPhoneography movement really started to take off, Colleen decided to take the image-sharing event to the next level. So, she created a “Light Impressions” installation, in which 13 selected works from 40 iPhoneographers play as slideshows on 40 iPads. The iPads are mounted on a piece of metal salvaged from the buildings ruined by a Gulf Coast hurricane.

“Because the images are always moving, the Light Impressions exhibit itself is always changing,” Colleen says. “No matter how many times you look at it, you see it differently.”

Some images currently displayed on Light Impressions came from studio B’s call for entries. Others were supplied by 20 artists who have already become known for their pioneering work in iPhoneography art.

“It’s remarkable to see how much the quality of camera-phone photography has improved since that first contest,” observes Colleen.

This year, the Light Impressions exhibit will be shown in: Miami, Florida; Birmingham and Florence, Alabama; Atlanta, Georgia; Austin and Dallas, Texas before being transported oversees for exhibitions in London and Manchester, England; Dublin and Cork, Ireland; and points beyond.

B Inspired! Join the Community

Colleen Duffley believes creativity brings strength and confidence to everyone, which is why she is so excited that people from age 9 to 90 participate in the annual camera-phone imaging contest and other studio b. events.

You don’t have to live in Florida to be part of the studio b. community. To learn about other opportunities to participate in 2012, visit the studio b. website and sign up for their newsletter.

In the newsletter, studio b. will be announcing some international trips that will enable you to enjoy the types of amazing experiences Duffley had on some of her photography assignments.

She still loves doing photography assignments, because photography is her passion. But she also loves the assignments because they continue to bring more people in to the b.

Colleen Duffley is fully committed to helping many more artists experience opportunities they might not otherwise have. When you join the studio “b-list” to receive the newsletter and other announcements, you will have the chance to experience some “a-list” events.


PDF: How to Enter Studio b’s New Year’s Eve Camera Phone Event

About studio b.

Colleen Duffley Photography

Meet the Artists Featured in Light Impressions


Receive $1,000 Mobile Art Grant from

iPhone Art Photo from iPhoneArt.comThe second annual IPA Mobile Art Grant is open for submissions on (IPA). The IPA Grant is the only international grant program specifically designed to provide financial support for mobile artists emerging at the top of their field.

IPA’s 2011 grant recipient will receive $1,000 to help further his/her mobile art career. The top 20 entrants will be published in an IPA-produced book highlighting the most influential mobile artists of 2011. The top three will be guaranteed a spot in IPA’s first Los Angeles interactive exhibition, scheduled for May 2012.

There is no submission fee for the IPA Mobile Art Grant. You may submit up to 10 images that you have created in the past year. Images must have been shot and processed on an Apple iPhone or iPad. The apps used to create each image must be listed on the submission form.  Deadline for submissions is December 31, 2011.

The Selection Process

Jane Deering, who operates the Jane Deering Gallery, will serve as lead juror for the grant award program. A staunch advocate of contemporary art for most of her life, Deering became interested in iPhoneography through the work presented on

Other jury panelists include the two founders of IPA: Daria Polichetti and Nathaniel Park, as well as the 15 artists who have been named IPA Artists of the Month since the IPA was founded in 2010. The 2010 IPA Mobile Art Grant recipient has also been invited to sit on the panel of jurors.

The jury panel will get involved in the judging after a one-week public-voting period allows all members of the IPA community to have a voice in the selection of the grant recipient. Each member of IPA will be allowed to vote one time per image per day. At the end of the week, the 50 artists with the most cumulative votes on their 10 submitted images will be announced as semi-finalists. The jury panel members will then have one week to review the works of the top 50 semi-finalists and determine their top 20 in order of preference.

Deering will review the submissions of the top 20 finalists and select one winner and two runners-up. The IPA plans to announce the 2011 Mobile Art Grant recipient and runners up on January 25, 2012.


Launched in Santa Monica, CA at the end of 2010, provides a place for iPhoneographers to discuss their work, collaborate with one another, learn about apps, and share what they have made. After being listed on as one of the top-10 essential iPhotography sites, IPA has grown from a small group of collaborators to a community of more than 3,000 artists.

Cofounders Daria Polichetti and Nathaniel Park are dedicated to creating exhibition opportunities, financial support, international recognition, and promotional opportunities for its active members.

“The IPA community is built around the idea that all artists can improve their craft by engaging in discourse with others, by offering critiques and comments, and being open to receive them. It is a place where long-term artistic relationships are created, and where the more advanced artists mentor and encourage those who are new to the field,” says Polichetti. “Each day offers work that is surprising and new.”

The manifesto on describes how the emerging iPhoneography movement fits into the history of art and photography. Artists who use smartphones and other handheld devices as new art mediums are encouraged to get involved.

“Mobile artists everywhere are creating and experimenting,” reads the manifesto. “The floodgates are open—a new art form is ready to be explored. Here at iPhoneArt, we are inspired by new technologies that allow most anyone to create images, music, and movies at any given moment, no matter where they are.”


2011 Mobile Art Grant Overview, Awards and Rules

Details on 2011 Mobile Art Grant Selection Process and Jurors


Be Prepared to Record Oral Statements about Your Art

ARTISTS. The next time you write a statement about your art, read it aloud to see how it sounds. If more exhibition organizers start making tour information available on mobile phones, you may be asked to submit oral commentary about your work along with your written statement.

Logo for OnCell SystemsFor example, visitors to the “30 Americans” exhibition at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. can dial a provided number to take a self-guided audio tour of the Gallery on their cellphones.

The “30 Americans” exhibition is a wide-ranging survey of works by many of the most important African-American contemporary artists of the last three decades. The Corcoran Gallery of Art staff used technology supplied by OnCell to record audio clips of the artists’ personal commentaries on their paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, and videos. Museum visitors follow prompts to hear the artists describe their work.

OnCell is a company of mobile-imaging experts who are passionate about the arts and education.  Since the firm was founded in 2006, they have worked on more than 1,000 projects in the U.S. and internationally. OnCell’s mobile tour technology allows museums and historic sites to create powerful learning experiences using audio, images and video for visitors along with additional “edutainment” features such as quizzes and text messaging.


The Corcoran Gallery of Art

About OnCell Systems


New Tools Empower Smartphone Videographers

PHOTOGRAPHERS. While many seminars at the PhotoPlus Conference in New York next week will focus on teaching photographers to shoot video on high-end DSLRs, check out some of the new accessories that will put more imaging power in the palms of iPhone users.

EyeSee360 Enables iPhone Users to Shoot and Share Panoramic Videos

EyeSee360, a leader in one-shot 360 video and panoramic imaging, has announced the availability of GoPano micro, an iPhone attachment that lets everyday users create 360 panoramic videos. The company has also introduced the GoPano App and a panoramic video-sharing network.

“Panoramic video has been available to pros for years but this is the first time the technology has been made more accessible and simple to use,“ said Brad Simon, President of EyeSee360.

Using an innovative 360 lens and software, the GoPano micro offers iPhone users the ability to record everything around them simultaneously. Using the GoPano micro is as easy as snapping the two-piece case onto the iPhone along with the 360 lens. At that point you simply press record to capture the action occurring around you.

Uploading videos is just as easy. To share video experiences with friends and family, you can upload video on or through the GoPano app. You can view the most popular videos (or your friends’ videos) right from your iPhone or by visiting You can also share your videos on popular social media websites.

GoPano micro is now available for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Purchase it for $79.95 through the store on the GoPano website or at B&H, Adorama or It will arrive at select retail outlets later this month.

EyeSee360 was founded in 1999 as an offshoot of Carnegie Mellon University, The company has applied decades of research in robotic vision, image rendering, and software interface expertise to the challenge of creating interactive panoramic still images as well as prerecorded and live 360 panoramic video.



CineSkates Introduces Camera Dolly for iPhone 4 and 4S

Cinetics is the Kickstarter-funded company that created the CineSkates camera dolly for shooting more fluid video on DSLRs. Now, the company has announced a CineSkates System for iPhone® 4 & iPhone 4S.

In addition, the company has launched the CineSkates Showdown–a video contest for CineSkates users. The showdown will include a category for iPhone videos.

CineSkates is a unique set of wheels that attach to a tripod and enable you to put your video camera in motion. CineSkates for DSLRs are designed to work specifically with the GorillaPod Focus™ tripod and a ballhead. New to the CineSkates System for iPhone is the Glif™ tripod mount.

If you are among those who backed the company on Kickstarter or have already bought a CineSkates system, you can enter the CineSkates Showdown Video Contest for the chance to win $500 cash or a SXSW Film Festival pass. Voting will begin on November 30, and winners will be selected based on viewer feedback on December 21, 2011. The contest will consist of 5 categories:

  • Cinematic Sequence
  • Timelapse Photography
  • Stop-motion Animation
  • Creative CineSkates Set-up
  • Mini Camera (shot with iPhone®, Android™, GoPro®, and other small cameras)

Cinetics was created to “to create innovatibe tools for filmmakers and photographers that combine the power to captivate with the luxury of portability.”

CineSkates Showdown from Cinetics on Vimeo.


CineSkates Showdown Rules and Entry Instructions

About Cinetics

Tagwhat Augmented Reality App Tells Stories Behind Places

Here’s a new application of augmented reality. Tagwhat, a media company based in Boulder, Colorado, has a “Great Stories at Places” app that lets users of iPhones (3GS/4) and Android-using smartphones learn some of the stories behind places they visit.

Tagwhat Augmented Reality App for iPhoneFor example, on the steps of Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, you can watch Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream Speech.” Or, while touring San Francisco, you can see historic photos that show how different sites were devastated by the San Francisco Earthquake.

Tagwhat’s team of new media journalists and filmmakers worked with publishing partners such as the Associated Press (AP), the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and the Virginia Beach Public Library System to create and curate thousands rich-media stories that can “augment” your understanding and enjoyment of some of the places you visit.

Organized like TV channels, the stories pop up on top of real-life locations and change based on where you are looking. If a story is too good not to share, you can send a personalized, digital postcard to friends via Facebook, Twitter or email.

Tagwaht Digital Postcard from Great Stories at Places Augmented Reality App

Channels include: Heritage, Movies, Sports, Food, Nature, Music, and Art.

In the “Movies” channel, you can watch a clip of the parade from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” while walking down the same Chicago street. Or you can read about Woody Allen movie settings while touring New York.

Visitors to the LA Coliseum can tap into the “Sports” channel for a look back at the 1984 Summer Olympics with videos of gold medalists Mary Lou Retton and Carl Lewis.

In the “Music” channel you can hear Janis Joplin sing outside the Austin club where she got her start and see images of her preparing to perform.

A “Visit” feature lets you take a virtual trip to Tagwhat’s featured cities: New York; San Francisco; Los Angeles; Washington, DC; Chicago; Boulder, Colorado; Portland, Oregon; Austin, Texas; and Virginia Beach, Virginia. You can look around and interact with multimedia stories as if you were standing in that city!

Tagwhat is already seeded with thousands of stories, with new stories being added every day.