Sell Graphics and Illustrations through VendorStock

VectorStockYou don’t have to be a professional graphic designer to earn some income from your vector art. VectorStock, a leading online provider of vector graphic images, is proud to accept artwork from any creator of computer graphics that meet their criteria for clarity and quality.

Categories of vector images sold on the site include animals, wildlife, backgrounds, textures, beauty, fashion, religion, patterns, music, technology and many more. VectorStock Images can be downloaded in different forms including ESP, Ai, PDF and High Res JPG.

To have your work considered for sale on VectorStock, sign up and submit a JPEG preview of a vector design that you would like to sell.  A VectorStock inspector will review your submission and determine if it is suitable for the VectorStock image library. If your work is selected for inclusion, you will receive 25 percent of the proceeds for each file downloaded to start out. You can earn 45 percent of the proceeds from each file download if you achieve platinum status.

Images and vector clipart on VectorStock are priced within four different brackets, based on the details and colours used in each image. Trace, path quality and subject matter also may affect how an image is priced.

VectorStock respects all artists and their work and has a strict copyright policy. Illustrations of logos, trademarks, product designs, transport companies or branded vehicles, another artist’s artwork, documents, copies illustrations, any government or military property, trademarked buildings or monuments and landmarks are prohibited from being submitted as content.

If the first image you submit isn’t accepted, keep trying. The graphic-design pros at VectorStock suggest that you browse the best-selling vector images to better understand what types of images are most in demand.