Adobe Introduces New Creative Cloud Features and New Stock Image Service

In keeping with their mission of “changing the world through digital experiences,” Adobe has launched a milestone release of its flagship Adobe Creative Cloud tools and services. They also announced the availability of the new Adobe Stock content service.

Umang Bedi Unveils Milestone 2015 Creative Cloud Release
Umang Bedi Unveils Milestone 2015 Creative Cloud Release

The 2015 release of Creative Cloud includes major updates to Adobe’s desktop tools, including Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, Premiere Pro CC and InDesign CC. It also provides new connected mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Adobe Stock is the first stock content service to be integrated directly into the tools creatives use every day.

Adobe Stock Content Service

Adobe Stock makes 40 million photos, vector graphics and illustrations accessible directly within CC desktop apps.  You can launch Adobe Stock with CC desktop software, add watermarked images to Creative Cloud libraries, and then access and work with images across multiple desktop and mobile tools. When ready to license an image for finished work, you can do it directly within the CC desktop software application. You can also edit a watermarked image in an applications such as Photoshop CC. When licensed, the edits are automatically applied to the purchased full-resolution image.

Based on the acquisition of stock content provider Fotolia earlier this year, Adobe Stock is available in 36 countries and 13 languages worldwide, including the US, UK, Australia and Japan. It is expected to be available in India in the near future.

Because Adobe Stock is a standalone service, you don’t have to be a Creative Cloud member to download, purchase, or sell stock images. You can buy single images as needed or purchase a monthly plan.

If you are a Creative Cloud member, you can save up to 40 percent when you add an Adobe Stock annual plan to your Creative Cloud membership.

Adobe Stock may shake up the $3 billion global stock image market, because Adobe customers not only contribute to stock image services but are also regular purchasers of stock content. An estimated 85 percent of creatives who buy stock content use Adobe tools. More than 90 percent of stock content sellers use Adobe software to prepare photos and images.

Photographers and designers who contribute content to Adobe Stock can access a worldwide community of stock content buyers and receive industry-leading rates for content.

According to David Wadhwani, senior vice president of Digital Media, “Adobe Stock extends Creative Cloud’s value as a vibrant global marketplace.”  When accessed through Creative Cloud, the new service simplifies the buying and selling of stock content.

“Our customers–the best photographers and designers on the planet–will have the opportunity to contribute millions of new photos and images to Adobe Stock,” says Wadhwani. “This is really going to raise the bar in the world of stock content.”

Improvements to Creative Cloud

Wadhwani believes Creative Cloud 2015 is Adobe’s most powerful and comprehensive release to date.

Since Creative Cloud was introduced in 2012, Adobe has championed the idea that mobile devices should be integral to the creative process, with free companion mobile apps working seamlessly with CC desktop tools.  Adobe has now released Brush CC, Shape CC, Color CC and Photoshop Mix on Android for the first time, bringing connected mobile workflows to millions of creatives worldwide. Adobe has also updated many of its popular Creative Cloud mobile apps for iPhone and iPad, including Adobe Comp CC, Photoshop Mix, Photoshop Sketch, Illustrator Draw, Brush CC, Shape CC and Color CC.

In addition to these updates, Adobe debuted Adobe Hue CC. Hue CC provides an easy way to capture and share production- quality lighting and color schemes — for video, film and broadcast — by using an iPhone camera and then applying these light and color moods into a Premiere Pro CC or After Effects CC project.

At the heart of Creative Cloud is Adobe CreativeSync, a signature technology that intelligently syncs creative assets: files, photos, fonts, vector graphics, brushes, colors, settings, metadata and more.

With CreativeSync, assets are instantly available, in the right format, wherever designers need them — across desktop, web and mobile apps. Available exclusively in Creative Cloud, CreativeSync means work can be kicked-off in any connected Creative Cloud mobile app or CC desktop tool; picked up again later in another; and finished in the designer’s favorite CC desktop software.

Advances in Desktop Tools

With the 2015 release of Creative Cloud, Adobe magic and Mercury performance provide speed and technology breakthroughs across 15 CC desktop applications:

Photoshop CC: Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, Photoshop CC introduces Artboards, the best way to design cross-device user experiences in a single Photoshop document and quickly preview them on a device. Photoshop CC also includes a preview release of Photoshop Design Space, a sleek new work environment focused on the needs of mobile app and website designers.

Lightroom CC: Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC both gain the new Dehaze feature, which appeared first in October 2014. Dehaze eliminates fog and haze from photos, including underwater shots, for startlingly clear images. Haze can also be added to a photo for artistic effect.

Premiere Pro CC:  The new Lumetri Color panel facilitates powerful color corrections using intuitive sliders and other simple controls. Morph Cut makes it easier to deliver polished interview content. It smoothes jump cuts in talking-head shots to create a cohesive, polished sequence.

After Effects CC: A new Uninterrupted Preview allows artists to adjust the properties of a  composition and resize panels without impacting playback. Also, the ground-breaking Adobe Character Animator brings 2D figures to life using a webcam to track facial movements, record dialog and apply movements in real time onto a pre-configured character.

Illustrator CC is now 10 times faster and 10 times more precise than CS6. Powered by dramatic boosts to its Mercury Performance Engine, users can now pan and zoom smoothly without delays. With the new Chart tool (preview), designers can create beautiful custom charts and share them with others via CC Libraries.

InDesign CC gets its own Mercury performance surge. Zooming, scrolling, and paging through complex documents is now twice as fast. InDesign now also allows users to publish and distribute documents with a single click.

Dreamweaver CC has new responsive web design capabilities that let designers quickly lay out and build production-ready sites that adapt to any screen size.

Adobe Muse now includes instant access to premium fonts from TypekitAdditional updates to these and other CC desktop applications make this one of Adobe’s biggest releases in years.

Creative Cloud for the Digital Transformation of Enterprises

Adobe’s expanded Creative Cloud enterprise offering includes enterprise-grade administration, security, collaboration and publishing services for design-driven brands, businesses and large organizations.

These enhancements are designed to help large commercial, education and government customers who want to speed the development and publishing of customer experiences, as part of their digital transformation strategies.

The new enterprise edition of Creative Cloud includes all the product features from the Creative Cloud 2015 release, plus expanded security options and deep connections with Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (DPS) and Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Two new security capabilities ensure protection of corporate assets, including customer-managed encryption keys and a new managed service hosting option, which offers dedicated storage behind a customer’s firewall.

Creative Cloud for enterprise also supports an upcoming release of DPS, empowering existing teams in organizations to rapidly design and publish mobile apps without writing code.

A public beta of this major update to DPS is available this week, with more information available here. Content from Creative Cloud for enterprise also syncs with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), a key component of Adobe Marketing cloud, to accelerate marketing campaigns by streamlining creative-to-marketing workflows.


More Details About the 2015 Release of Creative Cloud

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New iPhone App Makes It Simple to Monetize Photos

123RFPhotosAttendees at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity were among the first to learn about 123RF On-The-Go, a microstock photography app that lets you tag, upload, and monetize images that you have taken on your iPhone.

The app was developed by the creators of the website, which generates 20 million unique visitors each month. “To date, we have 62,000 verified stock content contributors and 20 million digital assets in our media library,” says Leon Hudson,’s vice president of sales and marketing.


In launching the app, Hudson noted that, “You may not carry a DSLR camera with you at all times but you certainly have your smartphone handy. Now, anyone can capture a moment wherever they are and cash in on their amazing shots. Users can also participate in exciting contests which promises a bounty of $300 each time. There is nothing better than making money from what you enjoy doing. The 123RF On-The-Go iPhone app allows you to do just that!”

When you send your photos to via the 123RF On-The-Go app, your photos will undergo inspection by a team of Image Reviewers. They will inspect your photo to ensure that they meet the site’s content guidelines and requirements. Within 24 hours from the time of acceptance, your image will be made searchable and licensable on the website.

123RF On-The-Go is now available as a free download from the Apple App Store.

Founded in 2005, is a royalty-free microstock library that offers more than 20 million royalty-free content items, including stock photos, illustrations, footage, audio files and logos.


123RF On-The-Go Mobile App

YouTube Video: On-The-Go Launch

New App Helps You Sell iPhone Images as Stock Photos

A new iPhone app from Pocketstock has opened up the commercial stock photography market to billions of new stock shooters. The app allows you to shoot, then add metadata such as captions, keywords, model and property releases without leaving the app.

“It’s possible for a contributor to shoot an image and have it live on our site for sale within 30 minutes,” says Russell Glenister, CEO of Pocketstock. “When I got into the industry it took three months and for many stock shooters, it still takes a month for their images to go live at other agencies.”

Contributors will earn a minimum of 35% of the royalties Pocketstock makes from their phone images.

Pocketstock clients can either buy their chosen image at the listed price, or submit a bid for what they consider to be a fair price for the image. Clients who submit bids for images will be notified within 24 hours if their bids have been accepted or rejected, and will be given opportunities to justify or reconsider their bids.

If you are interested in becoming a Pocketstock contributor, you can download the Pocketstock app from the Apple app store or from Pocketstock. An Android version of the app is currently being developed.


Pocketstock App

About Pocketstock

Guidelines for Contributors




New Source of Free Stock Photos LogoTo educate creative pros about the value of stock video as a complement to stock photography, the subscription-based stock-video company Video Blocks has launched  The new site features over 100,000 stock photos that you are free to use in all types of projects (even commercial).

“Stock Photos for Free is a great way for us to interact with the creative community in a whole new way,” says Video Blocks CEO, Joel Holland. “Since Video Blocks is only interested in selling stock video and audio clips, we’re able to launch this completely free resource for stock photography without hurting our core business. It provides great exposure for us and an invaluable library of photos for those who use it.”

The initial archive of 100,000 images on Stock Photos for Free is mostly comprised of still frames that were pulled from HD videos on However, new photos are added daily, including higher resolution shots from professional photographers.

Each photo on comes with a royalty-free license agreement that allows you to use the images in all types of projects, both commercial and non-commercial.

To start downloading the free stock photos, simply visit and register for a free account. You can use either your email address or Facebook account to sign up. Once your registration is complete, you can download an unlimited number of stock photos.

“We are really excited to see Stock Photos for Free grow over time,” says Holland. “This could be a revolutionary way for people to enhance their creative projects at no cost.”


ImageBrief Connects Photographers to Image Buyers

Here’s an innovative approach to buying and selling photography that serves the needs of both designers and photographers.

ImageBrief  is an online marketplace that connects image buyers with a global network of professional photographers. Based in Australia, the company is launching in the U.S. as a sponsor of the New York Photo Festival from May 16 to 20 in New York City.

Designed to transform how images are found and licensed online, ImageBrief makes finding the right shot far easier and gives buyers greater budget control. Instead of searching through page after page of stock photos and trying to refine search criteria to find the right shot, a buyer simply submits a brief outlining their needs, budget, and timeframe, then waits for relevant shots to be submitted from photographers.

In the brief, buyers can describe in detail the type of image they are seeking (e.g., mood and style, ethnicity and age of subjects, and room for text). Buyers can also specify the types of images they don’t want to see, and whether a vertical, horizontal, black-and-white, or color shot is needed.

“Our advertising agency and publishing customers love the ease of licensing images via ImageBrief,” says ImageBrief CEO Simon Moss. He says that less than a month after ImageBrief was introduced in London, many creatives started embracing the new alternative to traditional stock libraries: “They’re finding fresh, unique shots that haven’t been seen before. And because they can define their budget and usage terms up-front, they are in complete control of the process.”

So far, ImageBrief has built a global network of more than 2600 photographers from 102 countries. To ensure that exceptional content will be made available to buyers, ImageBrief evaluates and accepts photographers on the strength of their portfolios.


About ImageBrief


Meeting the New Demand for Facebook Cover Photos

Here are two examples of how entrepreneurs are capitalizing on the capability to add larger cover images to Facebook pages and Timeline profiles. The new cover photo option lets users of the Facebook’s Timeline format post a lead image that is 850 pixels wide and 320 pixels tall.

Free Stock Cover Photos 

Logo for Cover Photo SiteCover Photo Site is a new website that offers a selection of free, pre-sized, stock cover photos for Facebook accounts. It provides a fast, straightforward way to change Facebook cover images.

“Most people want to have a striking and memorable image on their Facebook profile,” said Ivan Tokic, the owner of Cover Photo Site. Image categories range from abstract to clouds and landscape to textures.

“Once you find an image you like, click the ‘download to Facebook’ button to log into Facebook and make the required changes,” Ivan explained. “Alternatively you can download the image directly to your computer to adjust the size or use it in some other way.” You can save a selection of images to use on their Facebook profile in the future.

The Cover Photo Site offers Facebook Cover Page images in categories such as abstracts, 3D, aviation, food, cars, clouds, creative, water, textures, landscapes, and flowers.

Cover Photo Site is based in the U.S. It is updated daily, and accepts photo submissions from members. Registration is required only for uploading images but it is free.


Cover Photo Site

Portrait Photographer Helps Clients Create Cover Images

In a recent newsletter sent to current and potential clients, portrait photographer Teresa Nora ( offered to help create hip and attractive cover photos for Facebook timelines.  She notes that having a professional-looking cover image is particularly important for people who use Facebook for networking and business contacts.

Facebook Cover Page Layout by Fotos by T (

“Whatever you do, don’t take one of your profile pictures and try to stretch the darn thing into a panoramic,” Teresa writes. Whether you are a current client with images on file, or would like to have new photos taken, the photo-graphics specialists at Fotos by T can supply you with a cover-photo layout that meets Facebook’s new format.


Fotos by T

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Access Fotolia Stock Photos without Leaving InDesign

Fotolia and Silicon Publishing Plug In for Adobe CS5DESIGNERS. The creative people who work in the technology business continue to find new ways to streamline the work of the creative professionals who produce content for publication. A new extension from Silicon Publishing and Fotolia incorporates over 14 million stock photos directly into Adobe’s Creative Suite. This means you can browse, manage, and incorporate stock photos from directly within Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop.

Silicon Publishing is a leading developer of web-to-print, web-to-web, multi-channel, and other automated publishing solutions. Silicon’s development team, which includes former Adobe engineers, produced the new extension in just three months. It includes time-saving features such as on-the-fly replacement of design-comp images with high-resolution versions.

“Fotolia is proud to be the first major stock photo agency to leverage Adobe’s new CS Extension technology with Silicon Publishing. Their expertise and knowledge of the creative process is amazing, and we think all designers will benefit from this technology,” said Oleg Tscheltzoff, CEO of Fotolia LLC.

You can download the new extension at

About Fotolia
Founded in New York City in 2004, Fotolia spans the globe with websites in 12 languages, offices in 14 countries, and over 14 million files. More than 2.5 million people obtain affordable, royalty-free images, graphics and HD videos from Fotolia.

About Silicon Publishing
By blending core technologies such as Adobe Scene7 and InDesign Server with their own innovations, Silicon Publishing enables customers to automate and produce high-quality content for any medium. The company has over a decade of experience implementing
best-of-class publishing solutions for some of the world’s top brands.



Free Plug-In for Adobe CS5

Silicon Publishing