New Book Shares Techniques for Surreal Photography

SurrealPhotographyA new book by photography writer and educator Daniela Bowker explains “Surreal Photography: Creating the Impossible.” Published by Focal Press, the book pays tribute to a genre of artistic photography that fuses fantasy and reality to depict a mysterious and seemingly impossible world.

Bowker explores a wide range of artistic techniques, including straight-from-camera image composition, phoneography, and sophisticated digital manipulation. She also shares imagery and the insightful processes of influential surreal photographers such as Natalie Dybisz, Jon Jacobsen and Dariusz Klimczak.

“This book demonstrates how to create a surreal image, regardless of your expertise or equipment. With the right technique, a smartphone can produce a truly incredible image,” said Bowker. “Surrealism defies realism, and can be as fantastical as you want it to be. What’s really important in shooting surreal photography is the richness and depth of your imagination.”

With an eye for digital art, Bowker shares the know-how to help photographers create imaginative, dreamlike masterpieces. “Surreal Photography” simplifies the shooting and editing process so beginner and advanced photographers can easily understand and apply new skills to their workflows and imagery.

As a seasoned photographer, photojournalist, writer and artistic curator, Bowker serves as the editor of and authored “Composition,” part of the acclaimed “Michael Freeman’s Photo School” series. Additionally, Bowker founded and co-operates Photocritic Photography School, which is a free, online school with more than 1,800 students enrolled.


Surreal Photography: Creating The Impossible

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