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PrintedArt Offers Decor Photo Prints through Amazon

PHOTOGRAPHERS. One advantage of selling your fine-art photography through a third-party online gallery is that the gallery owner can find innovative ways to display your work on multiple sites that are likely to be seen by more potential buyers. For example, PrintedArt, a web-based collection of fine-art photographs for the hospitality and decor markets, has added a gallery of its high-quality photographs to Amazon.com. The collection features 863 photos by some of PrintedArt’s finest photographers. Available in four sizes, each image is produced as a float-on-the-wall display.

The inkjet prints are produced with highly saturated pigment inks and mounted using gallery-grade materials with aluminum dibond stabilizers and acrylic overlays. “We are pleased to offer such an extensive collection of photos to the Amazon.com audience at such a great price,” said Klaus Sonnenleiter, president of PrintedArt. “It really gives us a chance to introduce our amazing photographers and images to an entirely different customer base.”

Photo by Raymond St. Arnaud

Details on how you can have your own images reproduced in contemporary display formats such as acrylic or aluminum dibond are available on the PrintedArt website.


PrintedArt Image Collection on Amazon.com

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Sell Ready-to-Hang, Frame-Free Alternatives to Stretched Canvas Prints

PHOTOGRAPHERS: PhotoShelter’s “How to Sell Prints” guide points out that although the demand for 8 x 10 prints has declined, higher-priced products such as large, stretched canvases have filled the void. Stretched canvases (“gallery wraps”) are popular because they eliminate the expense and hassle of framing enlarged photo prints. Many customers like the light weight, softer look and painting-like texture of a large canvas photo print, but others may be seeking fresher, more stylish alternatives.

Here are just a few companies that offer “frame-free” ready-to-hang prints. Although most of these firms sell to consumers, they typically offer discounts to professional photographers. They know that pro photographers are more likely to become repeat customers and furnish properly prepared image files that look great when enlarged.  On their websites, you can find details on sizes, thicknesses, and the latest custom treatments such as float-mounting.

Acrylic Pix.com
AcrylicPix Thick MountThrough AcrylicPix.com you can have your photos output directly onto a sheet of clear acrylic. According to company founder Mark Alper, the process results in a clean, modern look with exceptional contrast: “It’s hard to describe, but I would say the quality is like high-definition TV. People look as if they could walk right out of the picture.” The prints are available in sizes ranging from 10 x 12 to 40 x 50 inches and as multi-image panels. You can customize the look of your prints by choosing from 13 different colors for one- or two-inch borders. Pro photographers who want to try the service can order a 16 x 20 print for $59, which includes shipping. Simple enter this promo code: shipfree. For more information, visit: www.acrylicpix.com 

Acrylic Pix Family Photo


SizzlePix.com will infuse your photographic art onto a lightweight, durable aluminum base. The panels are waterproof and have an ultra-hard, scratchproof, high-gloss coating.


SizzlPix aluminum panel

Because there is no glass, glare and reflections are minimized while the vibrancy and clarity of your art are enhanced.

Photographer Derrick Story says the SizlPix prints look fabulous. When you hang one on the wall where reflected light can bounce off, “It looks like light is emanating from within the image. It’s crisp. It is clear. It has depth that you didn’t’ even realize was in your shot.” For more information, www.sizzlpix.com

Colorplak Express
Logo for Colorplak ExpressIn this Colorplak process, your image is dry mounted onto Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), then permanently sealed with a protective matte finish laminate that filters out 80% of the UV light to help your image resist fading The plaque is then finished with a beveled edge in your choice of over 30 colors.

The final result is a non-glare, affordable piece of wall art that is safe for use in kids’ rooms and easy to maintain in corporate settings. Custom frame shops offer Colorplak as an affordable way to display posters, maps, and family photographs. Commercial photographers and their clients have used Colorplak with large-format prints for decor, indoor signage, and advertising.  For more information, visit: www.colorplakexpress.com

BumbleJax Bamboo Panel

BumbleJax Bamboo Panel

If your customers are seeking eco-friendly wall art, BumbleJax will mount your images to extremely durable bamboo plywood.  According to BumbleJax, the bamboo plywood is three times more dimensionally stable than oak, and is the same type of product used in high-end cabinetry and flooring. Each bamboo blank is hand sanded and stained, before the photo is mounted. BumbleJax can also face-mount your photos to acrylic or mount your images on 1/8-inch aluminum, ½-inch MDF board, or ½ inch Gatorboard. For more information, visit: www.bumblejax.com

Blank Plywek PanelPlywerk offers environmentally friendly, ready-to-hang mounting panels in more than 35 sizes and your choice of bamboo or maple plywood. The bamboo plywood is ¾-inch carbonized vertical-grain bamboo. The maple plywood is a cabinet quality ½-inch solid birch/alder core with maple face veneer. Both the bamboo and maple plywoods are manufactured using environmentally sustainable practices.

A transparent, pH-neutral adhesive is used to protect the images from the natural acids in the wood and provides an extremely reliable bond between the images and the Plywerk panel.

Plywerk Mounting BoardIf you prefer to print and mount your own photos, you can order blank Plywerk panels (supplied with or without the adhesive). If you want Plywerk to handle the printing, you can choose either C-type or inkjet printing on papers with a variety of surface finishes.

The Plywerk website features a chart recommending what paper types are best suited for different requirements (e.g. exhibitions, portraits, wedding photography).  If you aren’t familiar with different types of print papers, you can order 5 x 5-inch print samples of the options.  Visit www.plywerk.com

Fotoflōt fuses your images to acrylic panels that can be displayed and easily changed using the company’s unique magnetic float mount. The magnetic mounting system makes the image appear to be floating off the wall or desk. Their size options include several panoramic formats.  Visit: www.fotoflot.com

Magnets on the back of each FotoFlot panel attach to a specially designed wall mount, making it easy to change the photo panels.


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