Writing Coach Helps Freelancers Be Prolific and Confident

WRITERS. Writing coach Angela Booth has released a new creativity training program entitled: “Turn Your Creativity into Cash: Writers’ Creativity Secrets.”  The program combines a 63-page PDF e-book and a collection of motivational MP3 audio files that encourage you to “Affirm! Take Charge of Your Writing and Your Life.”

Based on insights gained while coaching individual writers, Booth developed the “Turn  Your Creativity Into Cash” program to help two kinds of writers: those who are stuck in a low-paid writing ghetto, and writers who lack confidence.

“There are endless opportunities for writers today. Professionals are fully booked for months ahead,” says Booth. She believes writers need two things to succeed: “They need to be creative, and prolific, both in writing, and in promoting their work.”

If you spend a lot of time writing a lot of low-paid jobs, the strategies presented in “Turn Your Creativity into Cash: Writers’ Creativity Secrets” might help you get better-paying gigs.

If you lack the confidence to promote yourself, Booth says you might be missing some great opportunities or failing to make the most of opportunities you’re given.  The motivational audios help eliminate negative beliefs, and build confidence and imagination. The goal is to encourage you to be more proactive in your marketing efforts, and less tentative in going about it.

Angela uses the MP3 audio files herself, and says: “Many of us carry negative beliefs. They’re deeply embedded in our unconscious mind, so we’re unaware of them. We only recognize them because they limit our writing. The MP3s help writers to clear negativities which constrain their creativity.”

Angela Booth is a copywriter, and writing teacher who has been writing successfully since the 1970s. She offers guides, courses, and classes on different types of writing.


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