Sensarium Produces Public Art Exhibits on High-Def Displays

ARTISTS. PHOTOGRAPHERS. If you woud like to see some of your art or photography featured on high-definition displays in public art exhibits, check out Sensarium. Founded by a team of artists, photographers, and engineers, Sensarium wants to help thousands of emerging and professional artists reach new audiences. The company is installing high-definition art exhibits in businesses, public facilities, and other venues that want to change how the public views their buildings.

Each “living-art gallery” uses proprietary SensariView™ technology that simultaneously broadcasts interlocking productions on multiple high definition screens. The timing and presentation of video and imagery are designed to create a stunning visual experience. Sensarium can also broadcast sound if desired.

“After shooting the stunning wildflower blooms of 2004 in Death Valley National Park, everyone said I should do something with my work,” said John Graffio, avid hiker and co-founder of Sensarium.  After much research, he found most artists have tall mountains to climb if they want their works to be exhibited in public.

For Artists. Sensarium has many programs available to artists, including the Featured Artist Program, for artsits and photographers who want a dedicated, prime-time exhibit of their work. The Featured Artist Program allows artists to rotate selected works from gallery to gallery, enabling them to reach a large demographic and geographic audience.

One of Sensarium’s first Featured Artists was Native American artist Ironhand (William Swick) who works in multiple art mediums (glass, pencil, watercolor, acrylic, metal, wood, oil, murals, computer art and music). Capturing his body of work was a challenge of love, and enabled Sensarium to demonstrate that they could do justice to artworks created in almost any medium.

For Venues. Sensarium’s signature program for venues is the Gallery in Residence Program. Venues hosting a digital art gallery add a new dimension to their surroundings, generate positive publicity and receive up to seven percent of revenue generated by the gallery.

The name Sensarium signifies the company’s long-term goal of developing dedicated digital galleries where visitors can experience an interactive artistic and musical immersion experience.




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