New Digital Registration Service for Artists and Writers

WriteVaultWrite Vault is a new digital registration service for artists and writers who want to protect their intellectual property before and after gaining copyrights or patents for the work.

For example, writers can use Write Vault to register works-in-progress that they plan to make available for peer review and editing.

When you register a work with WriteVault, you will receive a time-stamped, proof-of-authorship certificate that can serve as admissible evidence in any legal disputes about when a creative project originated. The types of works that can be protected include:

  • articles and academic papers
  • paintings, drawings, illustrations, and sculptures
  • product designs (blueprints and pattern designs)
  • photographs (with watermarks)
  • poems and song lyrics
  • screenplays, stage plays, and teleplays
  • comic strips, comic books, and graphic novels
  • novels, novellas, and short stories

To register a piece of work, create a Member Account and purchase a credit ($10). This will protect one piece of work for 10 years. You will have a 48-hour grace period to make changes to the descriptions of your work, but once a document is uploaded it cannot be manipulated.

Write Vault users can toggle their registrations from “Private” to “Public” making their work accessible to other registered WriteVault Members for feedback. A download history is updated when the work is accessed.

Writer/producer/inventor Lisa Todd regards it as a useful precursor to copyright registration, especially during the revision process when writers continue to make changes to the basic work. Then, you only pay for copyright registration when you are truly “finished” with the work.

WriteVault was created by Stacy Porter and Devin Watson, two writers with experience in independent film and publishing. They share a personal interest in helping artists protect their intellectual property rights in ways that are technologically current, affordable, and easy to use.



Frequently Asked Questions about WriteVault