Guide Explains How to Exhibit Your Photography

ExhibitingPhotographyMore photographers now have opportunities to exhibit their work, thanks to the rapid increase in the number and range of photography exhibitions and venues. Today, photography is not only exhibited in museums and galleries, but also in community centers, open studios, cafes, bars, restaurants, libraries, temporary event spaces, theater lobbies, schools, photo competitions, and street displays.

For tips on how to exhibit your photographs in a way that will maximize the benefits of the exposure, check out the book “Exhibiting Photography: A Practical Guide to Displaying Your Work, 2nd Edition.”

In the book, author Shirley Read leads you through all of the details associated with exhibiting your photography. Using real-life case studies and anecdotes, she discusses everything from finding a space and designing the exhibition to constructing a show and publicizing yourself, 

Chapters cover topics such as preparation, storage and archiving, approaching a gallery, the curator’s role, publicity materials, mailing lists and audiences, printing for exhibition, and hanging the exhibition. In this newly expanded second edition, Shirley Read further illuminates the world of social networking and exhibiting and selling photography online.

The guide includes photos of internationally successful exhibitions, checklists, and good questions to ask before accepting an opportunity to exhibit your work. Shirley Read emphasizes that before exhibiting your work, you must be sure that your work will be presented well in any context, that appropriate information will be available, and that your work will be treated with respect.

“No one can predict what an exhibition will bring the exhibitor or who will see it,” writes Read. She points out that even if the exhibition doesn’t generate big sales or glowing reviews, the exposure can lead to other opportunities such as teaching offers, commissioned work, magazine spreads, or other exhibitions.

Shirley Read is an independent curator based in London. She teaches exhibition workshops and writes for photography publications. This book was published in June, 2013 by Focal Press.


Exhibiting Photography: A Practical Guide to Displaying Your Work