Writer’s Digest Publishes 2014 Guide to Self-Publishing

2014-guide-to-self-publishingWRITERS. Because new resources for self-published authors continue to be introduced, many books about self-publishing are outdated soon after they are published. To correct this problem, Writer’s Digest has introduced a “Guide to Self-Publishing” that will be updated yearly, much like the company’s popular “Writer’s Market,” and “Poet’s Market” books.

In fact, “The 2014 Guide to Self-Publishing” by Robert Lee Brewer  is the first new market book Writer’s Digest has published since they published the 2008 Screenwriter’s Market in 2007.

Whether you plan to publish a print or digital-only version of your book, “The 2014 Guide to Self-Publishing” can help you find the most cost-effective, efficient ways to get the job done. You will learn how to evaluate the indie publishing landscape, create your own marketing plan, and design professional-looking books, The book also includes insights from successful self-published authors.

The 2014 Guide to Self-Publishing lists hundreds of publishing companies, freelance editors, freelance designers, conferences and organizations for networking, and other resources that can help you succeed. The listings include contact information, rates, services, and specialties.

The pay rate chart can help you negotiate with any freelancers you hire to help you with editing, design, or promotion.


2014 Guide to Self-Publishing

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