Analytics Help Authors See How Readers Engage with Their Books

Tablo Scholar is a new analytics platform that may redefine how authors edit and market their work. The data allow authors to understand how readers are engaging with their books.

For example, authors can gain insights such as which chapters readers find the most gripping or where readers typically stop reading their books. Authors can harness these insights to edit and refine their writing. Authors can also learn about the demographics that show the highest levels of engagement for their books so they can optimize their marketing strategies.


Tablo Scholar is part of the Tablo social writing platform where authors can publish books and connect with a large audience of readers. Each day more than one million words are published on Tablo. Authors published on the site come from 130 countries and the site attracts hundreds of thousands of readers.

Tablo CEO Ash Davies believes Tablo Scholar is a huge development for independent writers and for professional authors who are serious about their work: “Tablo Scholar helps any passionate writer, whether they’re an aspiring independent or a signed professional, learn more about their books and become an even better writer. Tablo Scholar offers all authors a dimension of understanding that’s never really been seen. We can’t wait to see how people use it.”


Tablo Founder Ash Davies

“The first thing that strikes people about Tablo Scholar is its simplicity,” Davies explains. “You can tell that the experience has been designed by authors. You can learn how many readers get through the opening pages of your book, where your most engaged readers are from, and even connect directly with the people who have shown the most love for your work. We’ve worked hard to create a meaningful set of insights that can help even the most non-technical author learn about and improve their work.”

“Our goal at Tablo has always been to help writers improve their work and have a better chance at success. Authors know us as a platform that promotes great talent and we have a few of bestselling authors who are already making a name for themselves on Tablo. We’re changing the very fabric of the publishing industry, and Tablo Scholar is going to give our writers an even better chance of success” says Davies.

Plans to access the Tablo Scholar analytics platform start at $9 a month.



Tablo Scholar

Textile Designers Study Environmentally Friendly Printing

The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York promotes itself as “Where Creativity Gets Down to Business.” A college of the State University of New York, FIT has been providing career education in art, design, business, and technology for more than 70 years.

For the second consecutive year, Kornit Digital collaborated with FIT on a design challenge for fourth-year student in FIT’s Textile/Surface Design program. One goal was to give students insight into environmentally friendly textile production methods that don’t compromise on design concepts and use of color.

For the challenge, the students were asked to create original designs related to the concept of sustainable, local short-run textile production. Along with the sustainability-themed design, the students submitted an explanation of the concept and an image of how the design could be applied to a garment. For the judging process, Kornit used their Allegro production system to produce 10 yards of each design.

The three winners of this year’s FIT design challenge were Hyuna Kim, Konchok Bercholz and Elena Kanagy-Loux. In addition to receiving cash awards, the winners will have the textile designs printed on fabrics and replicated as fashion items.

The students’ work was judged on several factors including: the concept, the effectiveness and marketability of the design; and the conceptualized fashion application.

Judges included: Leslie Baker, associate designer for Bon-Ton Stores’ Relativity Brand; Vanessa DeSousa, development manager of Prints and Embellishments for Diane von Furstenberg; Tom Cody, principal of Tom Cody Designs; Melissa Niederman, art director of The Style Council; and Joe Castaldo, president of The Style Council.

Representatives of Kornit Digital included: Paul Borucki, managing director of Kornit Digital North America; Jim Manelski, North American wide format business development manager; and Erin Doty, who is the company’s North American Art Director and Project Manager.

Sustainability Design Competition and reception held on the campus of FIT on April 23, 2015.

Hyuna Kim won first place in the Sustainability Design Competition at Fashion Institute of Technology.

With the Kornit Allegro single-step industrial print system, designers can immediately materialize their designs on any fabric at with no minimum yardage requirements and at the highest industrial print quality and standards. Unlike other textile-printing processes, the Kornit Allegro industrial print solution doesn’t require pre-treatment or post-treatment processes. As a one-step printing process, the Allegro is ideal for the trending on demand, close to market, short run local production and sampling.

Sustainability Design Competition and reception held on the campus of FIT on April 23, 2015.

Representatives of Kornit Digital congratulate the three winners of the Sustainability Design Compeition: Konchock Bercholz, Hyuna Kim, and Elena Kanagy-Loux..

“Our collaboration with FIT demonstrates an important example of how Kornit Digital can nurture the growth and developing expertise of tomorrow’s designers with the help of state-of-the-art technologies that are changing the way creativity is brought to life across all fabric types. The Kornit Allegro is the perfect system for this scenario with its truly sustainable production methods enabling designers and manufacturers to generate their concepts from start to finish in the shortest cycle time,” explains Merav Zimmerman, Kornit’s product marketing manager for the Allegro. “We are proud to continue this collaboration with FIT and we certainly plan to continue with it in future years as greater awareness increases both the need for versatility in high quality digital print and greener working practices.”

“The liaison with the Fashion Institute of Technology demonstrates how our ground-breaking single-step digital printing system aligns with creative processes where sustainability plays an increasingly important role,” comments Paul Borucki. “We see a growing demand worldwide for greater education into the potential for using more eco-friendly printing methods and this collaboration endorses the importance of environmental awareness within fabric designs in the future.”

About the Kornit Allegro 

Kornit Digital develops, manufactures and markets industrial and commercial printing solutions for the garment, apparel and textile industries, including designers, manufacturers, apparel decorators, and fashion brands.

Using Kornit’s Neo-Pigment inks, the Allegro offers a single-step printing solution that works with multiple types of fabric and with no additional finishing process. Its integrated fixation process removes the need for pre-treatment, steaming or washing, making it a truly environmentally friendly solution that meets the most rigorous environmental regulations, including OekoTex 100 standard and GOTS approval. The process reduces energy and water consumption and the creation of waste.

Kornit Digital is a global company with offices in the US, Asia Pacific and Europe, Founded in 2003, Kornit Digital now serves customers in more than 100 countries.


Kornit Digital

Fashion Institute of Technology

Fashion Institute of Technology Summer Institute: Sustainability and Textiles

Gatekeeper Press Helps Authors Produce Digital and Print Books

Gatekeeper Press (PRNewsFoto/Gatekeeper Press)

Gatekeeper Press (PRNewsFoto/Gatekeeper Press)

Gatekeeper Press is a new full-service publishing house and distribution aggregator for independent authors who want to produce and distribute high-quality books in both digital and print formats.

Launched by Price World Publishing, Gatekeeper Press wants to open the gates of the book-publishing world by offering high-quality services to authors for the lowest-possible prices.

What makes Gatekeeper Press different from other companies offering similar services? “Everything,” says Rob Price, CEO of Price World Publishing. “Our prices are the lowest, and our payouts are the highest. Gatekeeper Press authors earn 100% of their royalties, retain 100% of their rights, and our distribution arm reaches readers around the globe.”

The company offers four services: eBook Conversion and Distribution ($249), Paperback Design and Distribution ($249), Cover Design ($189), and Editing and Proofreading ($10.50/1,000 words and $6.50/1,000 words). Prices are lower when the services are combined.

Price, who has been a publisher since 2001, says Gatekeeper Press can offer low prices because of low overhead, an existing publishing infrastructure, and efficiencies.

Gatekeeper Press’ distribution network includes 14 eBook outlets, including Amazon Kindle, Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Scribd. Print-book distribution is provided through, Amazon Europe,, Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and NACSCORP.

Gatekeeper Press doesn’t require pre-formatted files and doesn’t charge extra to include the graphics, images, or audio or video files used to create enhanced eBooks.

Authors receive 100% of their royalties and can choose to have their books pulled from distribution at any time for any reason.

The company offers free 30-minute consultation sessions, free sample editing, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you become a Gatekeeper Press author, you will be assigned a U.S.-based publishing professional called an “Author Manager.” Once your book is published and distributed, you will be paid monthly. Plus, you will be able to view your sales online and see which venues are generating the sales.

Price, the newly elected Treasurer of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), believes “No one out there offers anything close to what we do.  We’ve beta tested our service and have received nothing but amazing reviews.”



Independent Book Publishers Association

Art Lover Wants to Make Visiting Online Galleries More Enjoyable

A new curated online art gallery is on a mission to make the process of viewing art online more like visiting a gallery than searching through a warehouse.

Crimson Lake by Alice (Hye Ryung) Yang

Crimson Lake by artist Alice (Hye Ryung) Yang

In the Love It Art online gallery, art lovers can discover and collect contemporary art and design from emerging artists in Vancouver, British Columbia and beyond.

“Love It” exemplifies the moment when an art lover really likes what he/she sees. To facilitate these types of moments, Love It Art gallery will have a year-round art calendar that showcases emerging talents from around the globe.

Love It Art is the brainchild of Mina Fung, a Chartered Accountant in Canada and a Certified Public Accountant in the US. After working more than 10 years in the accounting and corporate finance world, Fung found her calling in the art world in 2014.

After many attempts to find artworks she loved by visiting galleries and viewing online warehouse platforms, Fung decided to combine her passion for art with her business background to launch Love It Art. Her goal is to provide a personable and enjoyable experience for art lovers and offer a non-crowded space for artists to showcase their work and tell their stories.

“Art has been a passion since I was a kid.” Mina Fung says. “I have fun connecting with artists and learning about their creative processes. I want to bring the fun factor to the art lovers. When it comes to buying art, art lovers themselves are the experts on what they want. I just need to provide an environment for facilitating their discovery and selection process. With a diverse background, professionally and culturally, I can help source art to suit people’s taste, style and budget.”

The gallery has a roster of twelve artists including Vancouver-based artists Rebecca Chaperon, Sarah Gee Miller and Mira Song, as well as Seoul-based artist Alice (Hye Ryung) Yang. The gallery mainly shows original contemporary art and design that is visually stunning, vibrant and whimsical.

To see the scale and impact of the artworks, art lovers can visit the gallery’s virtual 3D exhibition anywhere and at any time, from desktop computers or mobile devices.

The first virtual exhibition is called “Transcendence” and showcases the large-scale works of Alice (Hye Ryung) Yang. This solo exhibition is on view through May 19, 2015.A

At the bottom of the  FAQ page, emerging artists can find more details on the types of works Mina Fung is interested in displaying and instructions for submitting art for consideration.


Love It Art

CrowdPress Offers Crowdfunding Platform for Creatives

CrowdPress is developing a crowdfunding platform for artists, photographers, and designers worldwide who want a hassle-free way to deliver printed rewards to their backers. A public Beta version of the site was launched in March. A full version is coming later this year.

“Current DIY crowdfunding platforms do not provide the support artists need once their projects have been successfully funded,” said Aaron Corson, founder and CEO of CrowdPress. “After backing more than 50 creative projects, I have experienced firsthand the challenges artists encounter after their projects were funded. With CrowdPress, I wanted to design a site that enabled talented artists to focus on doing what they love — create amazing art — without the hassles of working with printers, managing logistics, or dealing directly with customers.”


After a creative project has been funded, CrowdPress manages the printing, packaging, and shipping of the rewards to the project backers.

Artists, photographers, and designers from anywhere in the world are encouraged to submit their projects to the CrowdPress Beta. During the Beta phase, only poster projects are available. In the future, CrowdPress will expand to other printable rewards such as T-shirts, calendars, comic books, playing cards, phone/table cases, and 3D-printed items.



Designers’ Guide to Inkjet Explains Production Inkjet Technologies

DesignersGuidetoInkJet-Cover_440x657DESIGNERS. If most of the jobs you design for print have been output on offset presses or toner-based digital presses, you should be aware of a new class of digital printers: high-speed production inkjet printers.

Production inkjet presses offer some major advantages in projects such as premium direct mail or book publishing but use different technology than offset presses and digital color toner devices.

To help you get optimal results from projects printed on production inkjet presses, Canon Solutions America has published “The Designers Guide to Inkjet.” The “Designers Guide to Inkjet” includes guiding principles, best practices, real-world recommendations, and practical advice. Topics covered include:

  • inkjet media and inks
  • design software settings
  • file preparation
  • questions designers should ask their print providers

“The designer plays an integral role in making sure that a given print piece is optimized for production on high-speed inkjet equipment,” said Dave Johannes, vice president, Digital Print and Mailing Operations at IWCO Direct, a direct marketing agency in Chahassen, Minnesota. “With the publication of the ‘Designers’ Guide to Inkjet,” Canon Solutions America has given the designer community — and the printers they work with — an invaluable guide for choosing the right colors, images, sheets, and finishing techniques for today’s inkjet technology.”

“The Designers’ Guide to Inkjet will help create a more seamless workflow between an agency or in-house designer and a printer, increasing profitability for everyone involved,” said Francis A. McMahon, vice president, marketing, Production Print Solutions division of Canon Solutions America.

The guide itself was printed using robust Oce inkjet technologies available from Canon Solutions America and serves as a real-world sample of what can be accomplished when designers follow the guidelines in the book.

“We see inkjet as the future–plain and simple,” said M.J. Anderson, chief marketing officer, Trekk, Inc., a global multimedia marketing agency based in Rockford, Illinois. “This guide will play an enormous role in helping agencies and designers develop their expertise in inkjet and better serve their clients.”

The book was written by Elizabeth Gooding of Insight Forums and Mary Schilling of Schilling Inkjet Consulting with input from Dave Johannes of IWCO Direct and Jared Johnson, a designer with IWCO Direct.

IWCO Direct has been a leader in the adoption of digital inkjet technology. In August 2011, the company became the first company in the U.S. to install the Oce ColorStream 3500. The company currently has six Oce ColorStream 3900 digital inkjet presses.

The book can be purchased for $29 from the online bookstore of the Printing Impressions website.

To see a Canon production inkjet press in action, watch the demonstration video on Vimeo.


The Designer’s Guide to Inkjet

Video: Press Demonstration of Oce ImageStream 3500

Art Hive Online Connects Artists, Buyers, and New Collectors

Art Hive Online is a new curated online art gallery. Focused on original art by emerging and established artists, the website is designed to facilitate social and business interactions between artists, buyers and art enthusiasts.

Art Hive Online

The multi-tier platform contains three main sections: Connect, Select and Collect.

The “Connect” section features artist interviews, video and audio elements and photo slide shows that give viewers a more intimate experience of an artists’ work.

The “Select” section offers galleries for browsing and purchasing works of art.

The “Collect” section is a virtual resource center where website visitors learn expert tips on art collecting. Topics include art as an investment, art history, art composition, art in the home, and how to care for your art.

“The word ‘Hive’ is about building a community,” explains Oyin Charles, founder of Art Hive Online. “We’re not just trying to be an art retailer, we’re looking to nurture a community of artists, art enthusiasts and collectors.”

The goal is to increase artist exposure through targeted marketing and outreach to the wider online art buying audience.


Art Hive Online