New Tools Empower Smartphone Videographers

PHOTOGRAPHERS. While many seminars at the PhotoPlus Conference in New York next week will focus on teaching photographers to shoot video on high-end DSLRs, check out some of the new accessories that will put more imaging power in the palms of iPhone users.

EyeSee360 Enables iPhone Users to Shoot and Share Panoramic Videos

EyeSee360, a leader in one-shot 360 video and panoramic imaging, has announced the availability of GoPano micro, an iPhone attachment that lets everyday users create 360 panoramic videos. The company has also introduced the GoPano App and a panoramic video-sharing network.

“Panoramic video has been available to pros for years but this is the first time the technology has been made more accessible and simple to use,“ said Brad Simon, President of EyeSee360.

Using an innovative 360 lens and software, the GoPano micro offers iPhone users the ability to record everything around them simultaneously. Using the GoPano micro is as easy as snapping the two-piece case onto the iPhone along with the 360 lens. At that point you simply press record to capture the action occurring around you.

Uploading videos is just as easy. To share video experiences with friends and family, you can upload video on or through the GoPano app. You can view the most popular videos (or your friends’ videos) right from your iPhone or by visiting You can also share your videos on popular social media websites.

GoPano micro is now available for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Purchase it for $79.95 through the store on the GoPano website or at B&H, Adorama or It will arrive at select retail outlets later this month.

EyeSee360 was founded in 1999 as an offshoot of Carnegie Mellon University, The company has applied decades of research in robotic vision, image rendering, and software interface expertise to the challenge of creating interactive panoramic still images as well as prerecorded and live 360 panoramic video.



CineSkates Introduces Camera Dolly for iPhone 4 and 4S

Cinetics is the Kickstarter-funded company that created the CineSkates camera dolly for shooting more fluid video on DSLRs. Now, the company has announced a CineSkates System for iPhone® 4 & iPhone 4S.

In addition, the company has launched the CineSkates Showdown–a video contest for CineSkates users. The showdown will include a category for iPhone videos.

CineSkates is a unique set of wheels that attach to a tripod and enable you to put your video camera in motion. CineSkates for DSLRs are designed to work specifically with the GorillaPod Focus™ tripod and a ballhead. New to the CineSkates System for iPhone is the Glif™ tripod mount.

If you are among those who backed the company on Kickstarter or have already bought a CineSkates system, you can enter the CineSkates Showdown Video Contest for the chance to win $500 cash or a SXSW Film Festival pass. Voting will begin on November 30, and winners will be selected based on viewer feedback on December 21, 2011. The contest will consist of 5 categories:

  • Cinematic Sequence
  • Timelapse Photography
  • Stop-motion Animation
  • Creative CineSkates Set-up
  • Mini Camera (shot with iPhone®, Android™, GoPro®, and other small cameras)

Cinetics was created to “to create innovatibe tools for filmmakers and photographers that combine the power to captivate with the luxury of portability.”

CineSkates Showdown from Cinetics on Vimeo.


CineSkates Showdown Rules and Entry Instructions

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