Nov8trix Helps Smaller Publishers Sell Works on iPad

Do you have photo books, art books, graphic novels, literary journals, or magazines that you would like to be able to sell through iTunes App Store? If so, check out the new iPad Publisher program from Nov8trix.

The iPad Publisher program can help any publisher, organization, self-publisher or content creator have the same global mobile-distribution reach as Time Warner, Hearst, and other mega-publishers.

“We give clients their own fully-branded, exclusive iPad digital storefront app for their publications. Clients have 100 percent creative control over the inventory placed in their app. Apple pays our clients directly for their sales and we do not take a share,” said Manish Sehgal, CEO of Nov8rix.

The iPad Publisher apps from Nov8rix are designed to remove some of the complexity and risks involved in producing books or publications to sell through the iTunes App Store.

“Our goal was to make it affordable for anyone to ‘dip their toe’ into mobile apps without spending much money or time. When clients work with us, all they have to do is provide us with their content and we take care of everything else,” adds Manish. “By giving clients their own bit of real estate in the iTunes App Store, we enable our customers to reap (and keep) what they sow.”

One organization that has used the Nov8trix product is Women in Aviation, International.
“The folks at Nov8rix went out of their way to make the seemingly gargantuan task of creating an iPublisher app simple,” says Amy Laboda, Editor-in-Chief, Aviation for Women Magazine. “Manish met with us and explained the process succinctly. That made it a simple matter of uploading our finished materials to Nov8rix and watching them work their magic. Our magazine displays beautifully on the iPad. And within a week, we were available to a much, much larger marketplace.”

Founded in 2009, Nov8rix develops products that make it easy for you to take your content mobile. The New York-based company has released 200+ apps on the iTunes App Store and the Android Market.


Nov8trix iPad Publisher


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