New Firm Seeks to Be Quality Standard of Indie Book Market

WRITERS. As self-published novels flood the market, book buyers are struggling to distinguish good quality books from those that aren’t very well written. Grub Street Reads seeks to solve this problem by instituting a quality standard for indie novels.

The new company is offering  an endorsement seal to self-published novels that pass an objective evaluation based on the fundamental components of good storytelling and publishing, such as plot, characters, pace, accuracy, grammar, layout, and overall impression.

Grub Street Reads accepts all genres of fiction for evaluation. Submitted manuscripts are read by trained evaluators who assess them as objectively as possible. Manuscripts that meet the basic standards in each category of evaluation earn the Grub Street Reads endorsement.  The price for an evaluation is based on the length of the submitted manuscript.

Authors may include the Grub Street Reads seal on the cover of their endorsed novel and post it in the Grub Street Reads library.

The company’s founders, Jessica Bennett and Leslie Ramey, are independent authors and avid readers themselves. They hope The Grub Street Reads endorsement seal will make it easy for readers to discover great new indie books.

“With the rise of online book retailers and the proliferation of e-readers, it’s easier than ever for indie authors to get their books into the hands of readers,” said Ramey. “Unfortunately, this ease of distribution encourages a lot of indie authors to publish before they are ready, which plays into the pervasive indie stigma of low quality. Grub Street Reads was created to change that. Our endorsement spotlights great indie titles.”

“The indie book market is in desperate need of a standard,” agrees Bennett. “As voracious readers ourselves, Leslie and I understand how a good story can touch a reader’s soul. Grub Street Reads facilitates that magic by connecting readers to the best indie novels on the market.”


Grub Street Reads