ArchMount Enables Creative Pros to Do More With iPads

ArchMountTripodWith an ArchMount from SerialKickers, you can use your iPad for much more than an e-reader or on-the-go Internet device. SerialKickers is an Austin-based design team that is developing products that help democratize the generation and distribution of quality content. The ArchMount is a pocket-sized tripod mount that makes it easier to use the iPad as a video camera, desktop scanner, portable kiosk, lectern, or teleprompter.

Combining the flexibility of bungee cords with a small, rigid, plastic arch, the ArchMount securely grasps the iPad without damaging it. When used with a mini-tripod such as the Gorillapod, the ArchMount creates a flexible, desktop iPad stand so you can use the iPad as an extra computer display or for Skype calls. You can use a horizontally mounted iPad to scan photos or documents.

When used with a taller tripod, the ArchMount enables well-controlled capture of audio and HD video. Use it for stop-motion animation, time-lapse photography, teleprompting, or reading sheet music or scripts.

Because the whole mount can be slipped into a pocket or purse, it’s easy to take with you when you travel or shoot videos on location.


ArchMount_front“We set out to create an ultra-convenient, affordable tool to make iPads even more versatile for hands-free use,” explains Steve Guzman of SerialKickers. “We didn’t want to add bulk or create a barrier between the user and the device.”

Until March 18, 2013, the ArchMount is available for preorder through Kickstarter at a reduced price.  After the conclusion of the current Kickstarter campaign, SerialKickers plans to expand the concept for use with other tablet computers, including iPad mini, the Kindle, and Android and Windows tablets.