Book on Selling Art Discusses Link Between Money and Happiness

Selling-Art3ARTISTS. Can money buy happiness? Maybe not directly. But having success and money can allow you to be a force for positive change. That’s one theme from Barney Davey’s new e-book “The Zen of Selling Art: How to Sell Art, Make Money, and Be Happy

Barney Davey is president and founder of, a marketing consultancy and book publishing company.  For the past three decades, he has been actively involved in helping visual artists get their work seen and sold.  As a publishing executive for the now-defunct Decor magazine and the Decor Expo trade shows, he consulted with hundreds of the industry’s leading art publishers and self-published artists regarding their art marketing and advertising strategies. He is the author and publisher of the 300-page book, “How to Profit in the Art Print Market, 2nd Edition” and “How to Price Digital Fine Art Prints.” He has written art marketing articles for The Artist’s Magazine, Art World News and Art Business News.

“The Zen of Selling Art” is a collection of essays on business success with tips that can help you build a more rewarding art career by selling your art at regularly increasing prices. The information is gleaned from the best advice Davey has been giving artists since 1988.  It is supplemented by information from other sources, such as articles Davey has written for Art World News magazine and posts published on his Art Print Issues blog.

“We all know that the amount of money we make is not the real reason for our true happiness,” explains Davey. But, he believes that achieving greater financial success will pay dividends, both professionally and personally. For example, it is easier to be happy when the stress of worrying about money is relieved. Beyond securing your family’s well-being, good fortune and success can bring other kinds of satisfaction, including a more balanced life.

If you are successful selling art on a routine basis, Davey points out that you can use some of your income to do good things that wouldn’t be possible if you work only for subsistence.

“That is why I continue to write to help artists to improve their art sales skills,” says Davey. “I want artists to enjoy all the success and sales they deserve.” He believes you only need to learn some new skills or sharpen existing ones to begin to enjoy the benefits of more art sales. The e-book includes essays on the following topics:

  • Sell Art with the Best – Learn to Offer Big!
  • Shhh! How to Sell Art with Silence
  • How to Sell Art: Use the Five “C”s for Success
  • Seven Great Ways to Sell More Art
  • Visual Artists’ Perceptions and Selling More Art with Partners
  • Exploring Open Edition Art Print Market Opportunities
  • Selling Art Prints – Exploring Open Edition Print Opportunities
  • Improve Your Art Sales with these Seven Selling Points from Barney’s Day Gig
  • What Kind of Art Sells Best?
  • Selling Art – Eight Ideas on How to Sell Art

To sample some of Davey’s writing, read some of the excellent posts on his Art Print Issues blog, or sign up for the podcasts he records with Jason Horejs , owner of the Xandu Gallery and author of the book “Starving to Successful: The Fine Artist’s Guide to Getting into Galleries and Selling More Art.”


E-Book: The Zen of Selling Art—How to Sell Art, Make Money, and Be Happy by Barney Davey

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