Could You Qualify for a Job as a Techcreative?

Semper International, LLC supplies skilled staff members to businesses involved in printing, pre-media, graphic communications, and interactive media. With an eye on the workplace of the future, Semper is encouraging employers to recruit and hire a new type of employee: the techcreative.

Semper defines techcreatives as “the intermediaries between the two worlds of creativity and technology — those with the technical expertise to make your ideas a reality.”

Semper Internationl TechCreative LogoIn a recent Printing Industries of America magazine white paper, “How 3D Printing Will Change Everything,” Semper analysts envision how 3D printing will transform manufacturing, localize businesses, and change the way we all live and work.

As 3D printing evolves from a novelty to a business necessity, the transformation will intensify the need for techcreatives.

According to Semper International, the creative workforce of the future will be “one that marries analytical, tech-driven mindsets with those who can leverage tools for new heights in creativity.”

Meet the Techcreative

To prepare companies to seek and hire techcreatives, Semper has published an e-book entitled “Meet the TechCreative.”

Semper International Techcreative

The e-book describes key attributes and suggests tactics for hiring them: “These valuable workers look to enhance their talents and are always seeking new ways to utilize their skills, rather than handing them to different departments. This balance of hyper-detailed process and creative, long-term vision falls perfectly in line with disruptive tech, such as the advent of 3D printing for multiple applications.”

Although the term “Techcreative,” may be new, the role has been emerging as traditional businesses have been disrupted by digital technologies over the past 20 years.

As printing, publishing, and marketing communications firms have evolved from reliance on printed communications to an integrated mix of digital printing and online platforms, creative professionals have played key roles is easing the transition.

For example, some of the first techcreatives were involved in adjusting Quark or InDesign files to allow for predictable and consistent output on everything from traditional offset printing presses to large-format digital printers.  In marketing, techcreatives are currently involved with cross-channel customer engagement strategies, analytics, graphic design, and video production.

When interviewing applicants for techcreative assignments, Semper International advises employers to look for loyal, detail-oriented professionals with problem-solving skills and a strong work ethic.

To successfully translate a concept from a client into a finished product or process, the techcreative should have a clear passion for at least one technology sector and the processes involved. Some technology expertise is essential, as well an understanding of the potential to scale technology-related processes and services.

The e-book emphasizes that, “Techcreative teams must maintain a thirst for knowledge, as technology is always rapidly advancing around us.”

To learn more about what employers seek in a Techcreative, visit . The Semper International website lists jobs currently available for techcreatives.