Learn How to Profit from the Art Print Market

Book Cover How to Profit from the Art Print MarketARTISTS. As traditional methods of selling visual art continue to lose luster, effective new distribution channels are springing up to replace them. Thanks to advances in e-commerce and digital printing technology, you can completely control how printed reproductions of your works are produced, priced, and marketed. You can use this power to financially support your passion for making art in ways that were unavailable to previous generations of visual artists.

These are some of the themes discussed in the 2nd edition of Barney Davey’s best-selling book “How to Profit from the Art Print Market.”

In the book, Davey observes that visual artists who organize and execute workable plans around achievable goals are the ones who enjoy the greatest success today. This includes understanding how the rise of print-on-demand technology, e-commerce, and social-media marketing have wreaked havoc on the old style of marketing art through galleries and dealers. In addition, a stark economy has forced a record number of companies from the market.

So even though these conditions may seem daunting, Davey reminds readers that growing a successful career in the art market was never easy. While he still sees some opportunity for artists in traditional markets, Davey believes visual artists must use available technology to be self-sufficient and sell as much art as possible direct to collectors. He considers this the best way for artists to secure their future.

The 16 chapters in the 302-page book explain the major steps involved in selling direct to collectors. Topics covered include:

  • Goals and Vision
  • Understanding Art-Print Media
  • Traits and Attributes of Self-published Artists
  • Economics of Self-publishing
  • Exemplary and Successful Self-published Artists
  • Finding and Working with a Publisher
  • Copyrights and Certificates of Authenticity
  • Trends and Inspiration
  • Business Marketing Basics for the Self-Published Artist
  • Publicity, Promotion and the Power of Self-Belief
  • Websites for Artists
  • Online Marketing and Social Media
  • Galleries, Dealers and Alternative Spaces
  • Licensing
  • Giclées and Digital Prints

You’ll learn how to generate repeat sales of fine-art reproductions in any economy and coordinate publicity, social media and email marketing to ratchet up your sales and sell art online. The book also features a list of 500 business and marketing resources for visual artists.

The book will retail for $39.95, but can be pre-ordered for $24.95. You can download a PDF of “Chapter One: Goals and Visions” for free from the website: http://www.barneydavey.com/download-chapter-one-free/

About the Author

Barney Davey has been intimately involved in the art business since 1988. As a sales and marketing executive for Decor magazine and its sister Decor Expo tradeshows, he consulted with hundreds of the industry’s leading art publishers and self-published artists regarding their art marketing and advertising strategies. He met leading self-published artists and art publishers, and observed the best practices.

In addition to his art marketing consulting, he does public speaking on art and Internet marketing. His newest venture is BarneyDavey.com, a media company that publishes books, blogs, online newsletters, workshops, and webinars for visual artists, including fine artists, fine-art photographers and graphic designers.

A Prolific Blogger

To stay on top of what’s happening in the art-print market, check out the three blogs Barney Davey currently publishes.

Art Print Issues is a business blog for visual artists. The blog covers a range of topics, including these posts on selling techniques:

The Giclee Business directory includes more than 500 listings of giclee printers and fine art business resources for visual artists. Categories include: website services for artists and photographers; artist business software; art licensing; art marketing services; art supplies and picture-framing services for artists, selling art online sources; fine art legal resources; art trade shows, art events, and art fairs; fine-art printmaking services; and home, hospitality and healthcare design resources.

Giclee Business News is a new online news magazine about the digital fine art market. It includes news about artists, technology, art events, learning opportunities, and more.


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Blog: Art Print Issues

Online Magazine: Giclée Business News

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