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With so much art now available from multiple online and retail venues, it can be challenging for artists to get exposure and earn income from their art. At the same time, it can be difficult for art lovers to commit to buying that single perfect piece to display in a prominent space in their homes or offices.

TurningArtLogoThe art enthusiasts who founded TurningArt understand this dilemma. So they came up with a fun, affordable, risk-free way for more people to discover, experience, and buy art from talented artists across the country.

For just $10 a month, TurningArt members can display a rotating selection of museum-quality prints in their homes or offices. Members can choose to display a different art print as often as they like.  For every dollar they spend on a TurningArt membership, they will bank an Art Credit that can later be used to purchase the print or the original of any art that would like to keep.

In addition to getting exposure that help you find new audiences, you can earn money for every print of your work that a member “rents” or buys.

TurningArt has set standard sizes and prices for the reproduction prints. The 16 x 20 inch prints sells for $65 unframed, and $140 framed. The 24 x 30-inch prints cost $105 unframed and $260 framed.  It’s up to you to determine how much you want to charge for your original. (Original works sold through TurningArt  typically are priced between $300 and $5,000.)

For more details on the TurningArt commission and royalty payments, see the Artist FAQ section on the TurningArt website. The Helping Artists tab leads to instructions on how to submit artwork you might want to make available through TurningArt.

The Story Behind TurningArt

TurningArt was started by Jason Gracilieri, an art lover in Boston who was finding it difficult to fill an empty wall in his home: “I was trying to find something that I really loved. Something that had meaning for me and just fit perfectly. While I searched in the little free time that I had, that empty wall stayed empty for a very long time. I thought there had to be a better way.”

How It Works

When someone signs up for a membership, their first print arrives framed and ready-to-hang. Each piece is printed on a high-quality material that displays rich, vibrant colors, captures subtle detail, and remains crinkle-free. The black frame is made of a natural, recycled material that won’t warp or dent. When they return their first piece and exchange it for something new, shipping is always free.

Gift Service

To encourage more people to give art as gifts, TurningArt offers 3-, 6-, and 12-month gift memberships. Through press releases, TurningArt has been promoting gift memberships as wedding gifts.

“Couples starting out may not have the money or the inclination to purchase art, especially if they’re renting or haven’t developed their personal style as a couple,” said Gracilieri. “Gifting a TurningArt membership will help create that special home environment, and allow them to discover the art they love.”

Gift-givers can select the first print or email the recipient a TurningArt gift notification with instructions on how to select their first piece.



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