E-Book Publisher Offers Manuscript-to-Marketing Package

Your Ebook Team LogoWRITERS. Your Ebook Team, a new partnership of highly experienced professionals, has created a fresh approach to book publishing that offers writers a “total package” from manuscript to marketing.

Combining decades of experience in editing, design, and marketing, Your Ebook Team supports authors in turning their manuscripts into high-quality books that reach their broadest target audience. The company takes a highly personalized approach in working with authors, and offers a package designed to take the mystery and frustration out of publishing a manuscript.

Your Ebook Team publisher Scott Gerber believes that “At this point in the industry, writers have few good choices. The conventional publishing houses are taking fewer and fewer books, and the writer who wants to self-publish is met with the daunting task of working with a confusing jumble of service providers, many of whom lack the skills and experience of Your Ebook Team.”

In addition to a collaborative, one-on-one relationship with every author, Your Ebook Team’s total package includes:

  • professional editing and proofreading
  • top-notch cover design and book layout
  • publication in both print and e-book formats
  • distribution through the major online retailers
  • social media marketing support that includes a web domain, blog, and Facebook page, and more.

“I have had a high-caliber experience every step of the way,” says Elaine Leeder, Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Professor of Sociology at Sonoma State University, who published her book “My Life with Lifers” with Your Ebook Team. “This is my fifth book, and this is the best publisher I have ever worked with.”

The total publishing package offered by Your Ebook Team also provides a unique revenue structure that offers authors the opportunity to earn back every dollar of their up-front fees through initial book sales.

“We know it’s sometimes hard for writers to take that first step in publishing their manuscripts, so we make it easier by arranging for them to keep all sales revenue until their initial investment is recouped,” says Gerber.

Wally Gordon, a magazine and newspaper writer for half a century and author of “A Reporter’s World,” praises the “conscientious and careful editing” his book received with Your Ebook Team’s chief editor, Marty Gerber.

“To collaborate with writers—to help them find their voice, hone their message, and tell their tale—is a challenge I love,” says Marty Gerber, who has worked for decades as a writer, editor, and publisher within a broad range of books, magazines, and major newspapers.

Sarah Lovett, writing coach and author of more than 30 novels and children’s books, calls Marty “a writer’s best friend —a wise, honest, and market-savvy editor.”

Books published by Your Ebook Team are available for sale on the company’s book marketing site in addition to Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Each book gets its own top-level web page, which includes an author blog and bio, a description and preview of the book, reviews, YouTube video, and links to buy the book.


Your Ebook Team