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BookbabyEbookTo make money from e-books, authors must learn to think more like marketers. And they should think about marketing even before they start writing an e-book. These are some of the points emphasized in “Making Money with Your eBook,” one of several free publishing guides available from Bookbaby.

Witten by Bookbaby’s Chief Marketing Officer Steven Spatz, the guide notes that the Internet is flooded with book-marketing information and advice: “Literally thousands of white papers, articles, and guides are available free—just like this one! The problem is: If you did everything suggested in these well-intentioned articles, you wouldn’t have any time to write your next book.”

In nine easy-to-read pages, “Making Money with Your eBook” provides specific and practical tips for:

  • identifying the market for an e-book
  • crafting a unique selling proposition
  • developing an affiliate marketing network
  • using metadata to help your readers find you

Spatz emphasizes that, “Successful promotion of your book will requirement some combination of time, effort, money, and luck (with extra helpings of the latter). But if you approach your book like a disciplined and focused marketer, you can’t help but increase the chance for your book to stand out and be discovered.”

Most authors have difficulty thinking like marketers, because authors have trouble perceiving their books as products.  Spatz writes, “You need to subtract emotion from the equation. Put away your subjective feelings. You need to think of your book like it’s a tube of toothpaste at CVS.”

Instead of behaving like an author trying to market your book, he suggests adopting a marketing mindset from the start of a project: “Many important elements of making money on your e-book happen before you write your first word.”

About BookBaby. BookBaby helps independent authors navigate the complexities of self publishing and book marketing. Their services include editing services, cover design, manuscript conversion, ebook publishing and distribution, book printing, and author websites.

The “Making Money with Your eBook” guide is one of several publishing guides that can be downloaded free from the BookBaby website. Other guides cover e-book production, blogging, and secrets of successful authors.

BookBaby also publishes an excellent blog. Posts explain how to format e-books, produce and distribute audio-books, and use blogs, Pinterest and other social networks to promote self-published books.


Making Money with Your eBook

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