Pixels.com Offers Alternative to Traditional Art Licensing

If you would like to sell more of your designs, art, or photographs, now is a great time to check out everything that’s possible through Pixels.com. Their “set-your-own-price” alternative to traditional art licensing gives you greater control over how much you can earn from the sale of your images.

Pixels.com is global print-on-demand marketplace that allows design enthusiasts to choose which images they would like to have printed on more than 25 different products, including framed prints, metal prints, wood prints, greeting cards, T-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, duvet covers, men’s apparel, women’s apparel, throw pillows, shower curtains, beach towels, smartphone cases, and more.

Custom tote bag with starfish image by Katherine Young
Tote bag printed with image by Katherine Young-Beck

Pixels handles all the details associated with printing, matting, framing, packaging, shipping, insuring, and customer service. Orders placed through Pixels.com go to one of 14 production facilities in 5 countries around the world. This makes it easy to print and ship your products to customers anywhere in the world. For example, if a buyer in Germany orders a product decorated with one of your images, the product will be printed and shipping a facility in The Netherlands.

The Pixels site, which attracts 5 million unique visitors per month, typically receives a surge or orders in November and December from holiday gift givers.

You Set Your Own Prices

Unlike licensing deals in which the publisher sets the price and dictates the amount of royalties you will receive, Pixels.com lets you set the price for the products made with your images.

As a seller, you will see a base price that covers production and fulfillment costs for each item. The amount you add as the mark-up will be the selling price. When the product sells, you earn 100 percent of the markup amount.

You can also choose which of your images you will permit to be printed on which products. For example, a high-resolution nature photograph that looks spectacular as a large metal print might not look the same on a beach towel or duvet cover.

Pixels.com was founded by Sean Broihier, the self-taught programming whiz who started the Fine Art America platform in 2006. Pixels.com complements the Fine Art America site by appealing to a broader base of customers who may be interested in photo merchandise, fashion apparel and accessories, and home decor items.

Sean Broihier was one of the first e-commerce entrepreneurs to enable all living artists to sell their artwork online. He said the “set-your-own-business-model” has been a big driver of the growth of the platform: “It has always been my opinion that artists should be able to set their prices as high or as low as they want to.” If an art publisher chooses to sell a canvas print for $50 and offers artists a 10% royalty, the artists shouldn’t have to decide whether or not they are willing to accept $5 for the sale of their art on the prints.

Multiple Options for Sales and Marketing

Over the past 11  years, Broihier has really listened to the concerns of artists and photographers who sell their work on the site. So he has continuously developed tools that enable you to adapt to all the different ways that art is now discovered, promoted, and purchased.

For example, here are just a few of your options. You can:

  • Sell Pixel’s print-on-demand products through your own Shopify store.
  • Sell print-on-demand products through your own branded storefront hosted by Pixels.com
  • License individual images and set your own terms for royalty-free and rights-managed licenses.
  • License images for streaming to digital displays.
  • Connect directly with buyers who express interest in buying one of your originals.
  • Print sample products for display at art fairs or in your studio. You can also print sell sheets that show potential buyers how your art will look of various products and explain how they can order them.
  • Publish news releases, blog posts, e-newsletters, and e-mail marketing programs through Pixels.com.
  • Run automated marketing campaigns on Facebook and Twitter

You can even use an iPad app as a sales tool. If a potential buyer of your art wants to preview how it might look on their walls, your can use the augmented reality interface on the Pixels.com iPad app.

The Pixels app takes the guesswork out of buying art online. After the customer the size of the print and how it will be matted and framed, the buyer can view an actual-size preview on their own walls. They can even see what the finished product will look like from different angles within the room.

Everything the viewer sees is perfectly to scale. For instance, a 24 x 36 inch canvas print will appear on the wall at exactly 24 x 36 inches. As the individual walks around the room, the app uses the iPad’s video camera and a unique tracking algorithm to keep the image perfectly positioned in the desired location on the wall.

Pixels.com also has deals with retailers such as Deck the Walls, The Great Frame Up, and the Framing and Art Center to sell artwork at more than 150 retail locations in the U.S. and Canada.  Plus, Pixels.com has special programs available for large-volume buyers in the hospitality and design fields.

Special Features

If you want to see the types of art that buyers purchase through the Pixels.com each day, you can see it. Pixels.com also publishes real-time comments and reviews from customers who are (and aren’t) totally satisfied with the ordered products.

You can also join online communities of like-minded artists.  The site includes more than 1900 groups dedicated to topics such as office decor, self-promotion, historical buildings, the Adirondacks, orchids, and photographs edited to look like paintings.    

If you would rather spend your time creating more art than worrying about how to get it reproduced, promoted, and sold, Pixels.com can help.

The site was set up to power sales everywhere artwork is bought and sold: “It doesn’t matter if you want to hang your artwork, carry it, wear it, license it, or stream it.” Millions of buyers all over the world decorate their homes and accessorize their lives with Pixels products

Get Notepads or Wrapping Paper Printed With Your Photos or Designs

DESIGNERS. PHOTOGRAPHERS. Black River Imaging helps photographers, designers and everyone else who loves beautiful images bring their creativity to life with handmade albums, books, cards, and prints on paper canvas or metal. Two of their newest products are personalized notepads and custom wrapping paper.


By personalizing each pad with your images and designs, you can create promotional gifts or sellable products. Current and potential clients can see your images or designs every time they write a to-do list or jot a short note.

Black River’s new notepad line is available in four sizes: 2.5 x 8.5 inches, 4 x 6.5 inches, 4 x 9 inches, and 8 x 8 inches. Each notepad features a choice of 50 or 100 sheets individually printed on a smooth and elegant 80lb cover stock. An optional wrap-around cover is printed on a luxurious 120 lb eggshell textured paper.


You can drop your images into one of the layout templates provided or upload a design of your own.

“Designer notepads are exploding in the stationery market,” observes Brandon Hedgpeth, Marketing Director for Black River Imaging. “They are perfect for client thank you gifts, stocking stuffers and family mementos.”

Wrapping Paper

Photographers, designers and stationery brands can use their own images and designs to create one of a kind packaging for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, any other gift-giving occasion.

Black River Imaging offers customized wrapping paper in two sizes, single roll and double roll. The single roll is 2 x 9 feet (24 inches x 108 inches). The double roll measures 2  x 18 feet  (24 x 216 inches). The wrapping paper is printed on 4.5 mil matte coated paper and shipped on a cardboard core.


“Designers, photographers, and stationers will fall in love with our wrapping paper,” predicts Roy Dameron, president of Black River Imaging, “Who would not want to receive a gift in personalized packaging?”


Black River Imaging


Create Photo Montages on Repositionable Wallpaper Panels

Yesterday, I published a post about how specialty printing is sparking fresh opportunities for creative entrepreneurs. Here is an excellent example.

WeMontage is a new online service through which anyone can turn a collection of high-resolution photos into a photo montage on removable, self-adhesive wallpaper material. Because the wallpaper sections are completely repositionable, they are easy to hang and re-hang when you move into a new home or office.

WeMontage founder James Oliver, Jr., was inspired to start the business after watching an episode of Home by Novogratz, on HGTV. In this particular episode, the remodeling crew was hanging photo collages as large wallpaper sections in the basement of a family home.

“I was mesmerized by the beauty and uniqueness of the concept,” says Oliver. He soon discovered that no one seemed to be making it easy to recreate what he saw on HGTV.

Users of WeMontage (which is currently in beta testing) gain exclusive access to the proprietary platform that was initially created with professional photographers and interior designers in mind. The site’s “drag and drop” montage tool gives customers complete freedom to create their own uniquely styled wallpaper collage.

WeMontage hosts the actual application so the customer doesn’t have to download anything. You simply create an account, upload your edited photos, and drag and drop the pictures onto the montage canvas.  In order to print images at the 1 x 1.5-foot size, the photos should have been shot with a 4 to 6-megapixel camera.  To include 2 x 3-foot images in your montage, it’s best to use a 10-megapixel camera (or higher-resolution model).

Once you approve the design, it’s ready to go.

Photo montages can be printed as a single 6 foot x 4 foot wallpaper section or printed on multiple panels to cover a whole wall.

Your printed montage arrives ready for application to a smooth, flat wall surface. The sections peel away cleanly and easily if you need to reposition them. The “About WeMontage” link below takes you to the sign-up page for the company’s beta testing program. Oliver is running a crowdfunding campaign on the Indiegogo site.


About WeMontage

Support the WeMontage Crowdfunding Campaign


Specialty Printing Sparks Opportunities for Creative Entrepreneurs


VivoPrint Enables Designers and Photographers to Sell Customized Products Online

VivoPrint is offering a way for photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, and artists to generate revenue from their artwork. Using the VivoWidget, you can transform your static website or blog into an e-commerce website for selling products customized with your artwork or photographic design.

The VivoWidget, which consists of a few lines of HTML code to be added to your site, enables you to sell branded and decorated products. Products  you can decorate with your designs or images include: T-shirts; coffee mugs; iPhone, iPad, and laptop sleeves; and other usable promotional items. Your clients can also create and order customized products through the VivoWidget on your website.

You don’t have to buy equipment, produce physical products, carry inventory or handle shipping or returns. All of those details are handled by VivoPrint. Simply choose and design the products you want to sell and determine the pricing.

After you add a VivoWidget to your site, you can choose to be part of the VivoNetwork, through which your products can be shared and sold through VivoWidgets on other sites.

You will earn 100% profit on products sold directly through the VivoWidget on your website, and 20% profit when your products are sold through participatingVivoWidgets throughout the VivoNetwork,


About VivoPrint

How to Sell Custom Products through VivoPrint


Artist Creates Limited-Edition Fashion Accessories

Brian T. O’Rourke is a Chicago artist whose paintings have been sold through Macy’s department stores, to interior designers, and to private collectors throughout the U.S. Now, he is selling some of his best-selling designs on a line of limited-edition handbags and accessories.

The collection of fashion accessories includes work totes, shoulder bags, satchels, clutches, petite wallets, framed wallets, diaper bags, and other styles decorated with an assortment of O’Rourke’s designs. Some designs are subdued and elegant; others are vibrant and wild. Prices range from $95 and $555 and each piece comes with a numbered certificate signed by O’Rourke.

The seven styles in the collection vary greatly in size and shape, but each has luxurious leather accents and soft microfiber-printed designs that are both durable and cleanable. A sublimation process was used to “bake” the art into the fabric or leather. The embedded images are extremely clear and will not fade, crack or peel.

“I’m thrilled at the response that my new line has received,” says O’Rourke. “While I’ve always been proud of my artwork, I’m especially excited about this new venture and the opportunity for people to be able to wear my artwork.”


About Brian T. O’Rourke

Limited-Edition Handbags by Brian T. O’Rourke


Personalized Décor Prints Last Longer Than Valentine Flowers

If you convert images into photo merchandise or wall art, the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day can be a good time to promote your creations as gifts.

Several press releases issued earlier this year suggested that wall-size prints can make great gifts for Valentine’s Day.  Not only will a wall print last longer than flowers, but it can also provide a year-round visual reminder of memorable moments in a relationship.

Enterprising companies promoted the ability the create custom wall art from Instagram photos, kiss prints, and lovemaking sessions.

DNA 11 Turns Kisses into Eye Candy

With a DNA 11 Kiss Print, you can immortalize your smooch on canvas. Or, you can give your Valentine a Kiss Print Gift Kit and create a “kiss print” as a couple.

Creating a kiss print is fun, four-step process.

  • Order the Kiss collection kit.
  • Apply the provided Revolution Organics lipstick.
  • Kiss the sheets in the kiss-collection pad until you get the lip-print look you want.
  • Send your lip print to DNA 11 for enlargement and printing on canvas.

When you order the lip print, you can choose the size and color combination that best fits with the rest of your décor.  The art can be sent in a ready-to-hang form or as a rolled print in a tube.

DNA 11 can also create a contemporary, ultra-personalized portrait from your DNA or fingerprints.


DNA 11

CanvasPop Suggests Printing Memorable Instagram Images

CanvasPop, which made news with the launch of its Instagram canvas prints service, is promoting custom photo art as a more meaningful, visually expressive alternative to a traditional off-the-shelf Valentine’s card.

“The best thing about photos is that they’re so personal and have the ability to hold such meaning. That’s why it’s the perfect sentimental Valentine’s Day gift.” said Spencer Callaghan, director of marketing at CanvasPop.

“Whether this is your first or fiftieth Valentine’s Day with that significant other, the key to giving a memorable Valentine’s Day gift is creativity—the thought that went into it,” he adds.

In an online press release, CanvasPop suggests creative ways that customers can convert their pictures into gift-worthy wall art:

  • A picture of where you first met with an added vintage filter.
  • A family photo enlivened with a pop-art filter.
  • A wedding photo printed on canvas with an accent color isolated.
  • A close-up photo of an item with perosnal meaning (ring, flower, etc.).
  • A photo of a memorable trip.

CanvasPop provides custom canvas-printing services to photographers, digital artsts, interior designers, and consumers. The company prides itself on being able to print any image (including Facebook, iPhone and Instagram pictures) at virtually any size regardless of the original resolution of the image.


CanvasPop Instagram Prints

Commemorate the Art of Lovemaking

With the “Love is Art” kit, you and your partner can turn a lovemaking session into a memorable piece of expressionist art on canvas.  After your “painting” is complete, you can stretch and frame the canvas for display in your home.

The $60 kit includes:

  • a 54 x 41-inch specially treated, non-allergenic white cotton canvas
  • an 80 x 90-inch plastic sheet to protect surfaces from paint splashes
  • a 4-oz. bottle of specially formulated black, non-toxic washable paint
  • two pairs of disposable paper slippers
  • a custom body scrubber

The kit was created by abstract artist Jeremy Brown, who has been making paintings during intimacy for over a decade. After being complimented on a personal work of art in his own home, Brown was inspired to create artists’ kits for others. He spent six months researching and developing appropriate materials to ensure a safe project.


Love is Art Kit


Artist Converts Photographs into Limited-Edition Silk Scarves

In one of the first posts on this blog, I wondered how long it would take before designers started taking full advantage of some of the creative possibilities of the most recent advances in digital textile printing.  Here’s a great example of a photographer who is not only creating beautiful products, but also appears to be marketing them with a carefully planned strategy.

Cherry Blossom Scarf by BryonyShearmur

Photographic artist Bryony Shearmur, who has been creating fine art images of Los Angeles for over a decade, has brought some of those images to life as limited-edition silk scarves.

Entitled “Really Beautiful Things,” the Los Angeles-themed scarves are part of her new “Silk” series. The scarves are described as “living photographs” and “cascades of color.” Each piece is individually printed on 100% Habatai silk using the most advanced technology in digital fabric printing. Then, each scarf and pocket-square is hand-finished and signed by the artist.

“I have wanted to create ‘Silk’ for many years but the technology was not there,” says Shearmur. “Finally it is and I can realize my vision”

In addition to scarves and pocket squares, Bryony Shearmur is developing silk tops and skirts, and a collection of cashmere-lined blankets that feature her most popular snow and water landscapes. She says the “Silk” collection seamlessly blends her passions for photography, conceptual art, and design.

The press release she developed to promote the scarves is accompanied by top-quality high-resolution photographs designed for use if magazines that promote luxury goods.


Silk by Bryony Shearmur

About Bryony Shearmur


Are Designers Making the Most of Digital Textile Printing?